withdraw on stepworkstime

How to Withdraw on Stepworkstime

This guide will show you the exact steps on how to withdraw on Stepworkstime.

Before going to the withdrawal process let’s see how users earn on the platform.

Stepworkstime is a platform that allows you to earn on performing simple tasks on social media platforms. These tasks include commenting, sharing, and clicking the like button on a post.

Another way you can earn is through referral – every member has a unique referral code and a link where you can share with friends to earn a commission when they signup.

Now, back to the withdrawal process.

How to Withdraw on Sideworkstime

  1. Log into your Sideworkstime account.
  2. Go to Menu and click on “Withdraw
  3. Input your bank account details and click “save”
  4. Input the amount you want to withdraw and click on “Withdraw” again.

Note: amount you can withdraw depends on the plan you subscribed to.

  • The free plan allows you to earn ₦70 daily with ₦4,o00 minimum withdrawal.
  • VIP 1 – ₦840 registration – ₦350 daily earning – ₦4,000 minimum withdrawal.

There are other plans for bigger withdrawal.

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