How to Withdraw from Roqqu

This guide will show you how to withdraw from Roqqu and also address frequently asked questions about Roqqu withdrawal. The recent ban on crypto has seen it that direct transactions (withdrawal and deposit) between banks and crypto exchanges (including Roqqu) can’t be performed. This means for investors on Roqqu platform they are not allowed to … Read more

Forex Investment Platforms with Monthly Returns in Nigeria

This new model of investment has come to stay with Nigerians being able to invest on forex without actually trading themselves but through a platform. Today, I want to share with you a forex investment platform with monthly returns in Nigeria. Get yourself ready to make some cool money. This wonderful platform goes by the name Swyftfx. Let’s … Read more

How to Subscribe for Glo Instagram Data Plan

It’s no longer news that Glo has the cheapest data plans in Nigeria. Across other telecommunication companies you’ll find different social bundle plans just like Instagram, WhatsApp etc. But for Glo you’re not going to find any specific social data plan but you can pick from a list of relatively cheaper data plans that covers … Read more

Can Glo Night Plan be Done Twice?

We all wish we can resubscribe our Global night data plan after exhausting it but unfortunately it’s not allowed at the moment. Not sure why this should be an issue as MTN allows for multiple subscription in one night. So, if you’re asking: can Go night plan be done twice in one night? The answer … Read more

What is Jpay and How does it work

Talk of hassles when visiting or trying to communicate with an inmate from outside, Jpay exist to make things easy for both of you. If you’ve just heard of Jpay you should read on to know more about how it helps. What is Jpay Jpay is a company in the United States that works to … Read more