What is Justfor.fans and How does it Work?

Justfor.fans (J4F) is similar to OnlyFans (OF) but if you’re not familiar with what these two are then look at the next paragraph for more information.

Justfor.fans like OnlyFans is a platform open to the public to create content. Content here is adult niched, it’s an easy playground for sex workers and people in the soft porn industries to gain followers and make extra money.

J4F is not as popular as OF but if you’re looking for more options in the adult niche then J4F is a good alternative to OF.

How does Justfor.fans Work?

First, you should know it’s a fan site and just like other fan sites there are content creators and there are consumers. Consumers are required to subscribe to gain access to content. In the end, the creators are paid a huge chunk of the money and the other part is kept by the platform.

Registration is straightforward for consumers (email and phone number required) but much more is required from the creators (more on this later).

How to make money on Justfor.fans?

Of course! You can only make money as a content creator 0n the platform.

You need to have your Twitter account logged in on the browser then head over to justfor.fans and tap on “Register as a Performer” (look at the pic below for clarity).

That’s the first step. The next step is verifying your account. You need this to start creating content and for consumers to have the confidence to pay you. Here is a link to a Youtube video that walks you through the entire verification process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTei_b98p34&t=4s

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