4 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog

Driving traffic to your blog is as important as the blog itself. This is simply so because without traffic your blog with all its content has not achieved its goal.

A lot of people talk about getting traffic as if it is such a tricky process but it’S not. To a lot of newbies, getting the first 1k pageviews can really be a difficult task.

The only thing that I have found out is that getting traffic could take time this will largely depend on where you will get the traffic from. Some source of traffic requires more time than others.

Before I get down to talking about the whole traffic thing let me talk about the main determinant in all of these.

Content, a lot of people (especially beginners) think anything put out for readers will generate traffic. That might have been the case many years ago but things have really changed.

The truth is, you need unique, quality and SEO-optimized contents (articles, images, videos etc) to be able to drive a substantial amount of traffic to your blog.

Let’s get down to more details on how you can drive blog traffic to your blog.

1) Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This is the best source of traffic as they can be also highly targeted; when people put queries in search engines it means they have a need for information or products.

They are most likely going to take action when they find what they wanted and that’s why this source of traffic is just what most affiliates need to rack in thousands of dollars.

But SEO isn’t just a quick process, in any case, it is worth the time.

It starts by doing proper keyword research on keywords you would like to rank on. Not doing SEO does not mean having zero traffic it just means you’ve let a lot of it go away.

Let’s say a blog owner picks topics without keyword research, he thinks people will be interested in those topics and writes on them. Well, there is a chance that his blog will still get some traffic but it won’t be as when he researched keywords.

SEO is many things but not a sprint race, it is a continuous thing and they will never be an end. To keep your blog in the ring you have to stay updated and ready to move when the tide does.

From on-page SEO to off-page there is a lot to put in place. This will almost depend on the competition surrounding a particular niche.

A lot of people hire SEO experts to do off-page SEO for them. Just be careful and make sure you hire someone you can trust if you have to hire.

2) Paid Advertisement: A lot of blog owners use advertising mediums to drive traffic to their blogs.

Running an ad campaign on social media is also a very good way of generating traffic but it should be for the meantime. There are other mediums to advertise your blog articles but all in all, it is a short term thing. You can’t rely on to always get your traffic.

3) Through Email Subscription: New bloggers always throw the advice of building an email list from onset to the wind. But people who have tasted it know how important it is in many ways.

Getting your visitors to subscribe to your blog via email is like them giving you a medium to reach them forever. You could write to them anytime you want. Tell them about a new product, be it your product or the one you’re an affiliate.

Every time you write a new blog post you could notify your subscribers of the latest content which will help in driving traffic.

I have seen friends regret not setting up an e-mail subscription list when they started out blogging. Start yours today if you haven’t.

4) Through Social Media: Many people get their first traffic from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. It is not always the best especially when you just have to paste your link on your timeline and your pages but it does help.

It is worth it if you have a lot of followers on social media may be to your page.

Traffic from social media platforms also sends social signals to your site which in turn help in SEO.


You have to be careful in the pursuit of blog traffic. More traffic will come your blog’s way when your site’s authority increases and this takes time. Also, when you have a good number of quality articles.

One thing remains very important and that’s understanding the level and size of competition you are facing in your niche. Take a close look at your competitors that will go a long way in giving you an insight on where to improve and how you compare.

Don’t follow short cut as this can have adverse effects in the future and that can mean starting all over again.

Be patient while doing the right things one at a time.

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