Honest Propellerads Review: Another Google Adsense Alternative

This Propellerads review is base on my personal experience and though I have not been able to earn much due to most of traffic coming from tier 3 countries, it is still worth your try.

Read on to know why you have to try this ad network.

The ad network that’s different and ensures you make money from your content given you have fairly large traffic is PropellerAds ad network.

Ad Types:

  • Pop-under: These are ads that pop up from a different window in the browser as a visitor visits your site.
  • Interstitial: This ad just comes in front of your screen and can be easily skipped by your visitor.
  • Native Ads: Ads that blend into your blog content has a high conversion rate.
propellerads review
  • Push Notification: This ad notifies a subscriber when there are subsequent updates from the advertisers end.
  • Smart Links: This link when clicked by your visitors takes them to the latest promotion from the advertisers.

Propellerads Requirement for Publishers:

  • No minimum traffic requirements
  • Only custom domain names are accepted.
  • Adult sites, gambling sites or site that promotes piracy are not accepted.

Payment Methods Available on PropellerAds:

  • PayPal: Minimum payout through PayPal is $5 and it is paid automatically every Thursday.
  • Skrill: Minimum payout is $100 uses NET 30.
  • WebMoney: Minimum payout is $100 uses NET 30.
  • Wire Transfer: Minimum payout is $500 uses NET 30.

I implore you to go for PayPal if it is allowed in your country. If you’re in Nigeria, receiving money through PayPal is not allowed but I have a way of creating a PayPal account that sends and receives money here in Nigeria without any difficulties or risk. You can contact me on +2348104094348.

After setting your payment method on the dashboard to be PayPal your earnings are paid automatically on Thursdays to your PayPal account.

Signing Up Process for PropellerAds:

You know the drill when signing up for most ad networks nothing changes here but if you are new then follow the steps below to sign up to PropellerAds.

  • Go to PropellerAds and sign up under the “Publisher” section and verify your registration via your email address.
  • Come back to PropellerAds dashboard and add your site.
  • Verify your site ownership by pasting the provided HTML file in your root folder.
  • Come back to your dashboard where you create your “Zone ” which is the ad, copy and paste where you want it to appear on your site.

How to Maximize your Profit with PropellerAds:

Just like any other ad network, traffic from tier 1 countries will convert better compared to traffic from other tier countries. But the good news is that with PropellerAds you can still get something especially after understanding my case study below.

Having a large amount of traffic here is very important as the chances of earning with small traffic here is very low from my experience. If you are having anything below 1k traffic every day then it must be 80% tier 1 traffic to earn from PropellerAds.


I have personally made use of the interstitial ad format and which have converted not too good with tier 3 countries but if you do get traffic from tier 1 countries then you’re good.

With traffic from tier 3 countries, you could make up to 0.4$ to 0.8$ per 1k impressions.

Also using the Cost Per Sale model that comes with the native subscription, you could get up to 0.004$ per subscription

For the tier 1 countries, you could get up to 0.9$ for 1k impression and also 0.9$ for each subscription.

Can I Earn with Social Media Traffic using PropellerAds:

To answer this question, I will use a friend’s website whose only means of monetization is PropellerAds. He uses both interstitial ad format and native subscription.

Note: For the sake of security I won’t post the site URL here.

The blog is about Arsenal football club. News and latest updates about the club is shared on this site.

The site has a page of more than 14k likes and latest updates on the site are shared on the page and other related groups on Facebook.

He gets 5k pageviews on average daily and makes between 15$-20$ weekly just doing that.

To so many bloggers around the world, PropellerAds is already the best Google Adsense alternative and Nigerian bloggers are not left behind.

PropellerAds Vs Google Adsense

Let’s see how PropellerAds compares to Google Adsense considering factors like Approval, Payment, Earning and Overall experience.


The criteria for joining PropellerAds ad network is way, way lower than what is compared to Google Adsense.

PropellerAds require a simple sign up, verification and choosing your preferred ad format.

Google Adsense is the king of the family and does not go so easily. I’ve seen very good blogs been rejected because of one thing or the other. Recently, it “Scraped content” that’s the guilty term.

Getting Google Adsense will require that you do everything right in terms of the blog design, original and quality content etc and still hope to be lucky when you apply.


Payment regularity is very important as we expect to receive our earnings as at when due.

PropellerAds keeps to payment schedule quite well so does Adsense.

So, you don’t have to worry about getting your money as PropellerAds is really reliable when it comes to this unless you have earned through illegal means.


Google comes out top here as it to all other ad networks we have around.

The PropellerAds Pop-under ad format really gives one of the highest earnings in the industry but also is not suitable for information blog like this one.

The interstitial ad format is quite good and you can also consider the Native subscription.

Overall Experience:

Have had to hold my heart in my hands through the years I have made use of Adsense because of one issue or the other. I

It’s a nervy path sometimes with Adsense for the fear of getting banned even when you know you’ve done nothing wrong.

On the other hand, I found it difficult to earn early on using PropellerAds until I found a suitable ad combination (Interstitial and Native subscription) that gave me more.

I can say that it has been good so far with these two ad networks.

Click HERE to register with Propellerads.

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