PopAds Review: Best Popunder Ad Network

In this Popads review, I am going to show why Popads ad network is one of the best popunder ad networks in the industry today.

Popads have come a long way since 2010 and in this time they have not changed a lot but rather they have maintained their quality even improving their security to make it safer for both advertisers and publishers.

A lot of things make it easier for publishers of different sizes to easily join this ad network and start earning. Taking from the fast approval process with no minimum traffic requirements to small payment threshold and also the liberty to get your payment at any time you make the request makes it really good for a premium ad network in today’s industry.

We as publishers when considering an ad network are also concern with the legitimacy of the network first. If your concern about Popads being legit then you don’t have anything to worry about as the ad network is legit, they are not a scam.

Down to other important factors like Cost Per Impression (CPM) which can affect what you earn to a large extent, payment options available and paying as at when due. Looking at all these factors you can count on Popads for partnership.

Popads offers even more.

As a publisher, you can choose the minimum bid you accept when creating your ad unit. You’re also left with other customization options like choosing the type of ads you’ll prefer on your site and the number of times the ads should appear to a visitor within 24hrs.

Let’s consider some important factors in Popads taking it block-by-block.:

Ad Types Available on Popads:

Popads is a pop ad network in every sense they only offer ads in that like Pop-up, Pop-under, Tab-up and Tab-under.

According to the nature of the ads which may obstruct a blog visitor from paying attention to the information on your blog’s page, Popads and other ad networks of this kind may not be suitable for content-based websites or blogs.

Music download blogs and sites mainly for downloading materials would be a perfect fit for pop ad networks.

However, there are some content-based ad networks out there that are doing great with Popads.

Popads Payment Methods and Rules:

The minimum threshold for withdrawal is just $5 for PayPal and AlertPay and you can request for withdrawal any time of the day except on public holidays. For wire transfers, the minimum withdrawal amount is $100 and it will take 4 to 7 days for the payment to get to you.

Given a high-cost Cost Per View (CPV) which is the model Popads operates with, getting to the minimum threshold is really simple. Also, this is one of the reasons the ad network is suitable for small publishers.

Signing Up and Approval Process:

The signing up process is quite simple, all you have to do is sign up under the Publisher section where you have to fill the required fields then confirm your email address.

The approval process will take 2 to 3 hours, then you will receive a mail of the decision which is most times positive.

Popads accept adult sites and conventional sites.

1) Easy approval
2) Low requirements from publishers.
3) Low minimum payout.
4) Payout on a daily basis.

1) Only pops ad typeS

How to Earn from Popads:

From my experience earning from pop ads require lots of traffic or maybe not but you’ll need traffic from tier one countries which can pay up to $10 per 1000 views.

This does not mean that traffic from tier 2 and tier 3 countries won’t give you earnings but you’ll need to have a lot of traffic coming from those regions.

The image below shows how I struggled to earn personally from the ad network even though I used it for just one. However, what you need to know is: most of my traffic comes from Nigeria and for about 2k pageviews it didn’t mean much.

I did a little finding and realised that traffic from tier one countries like Canada, U.S.A etc converts better.

Last Words

Popads offers a good option for both small and large publishers to earn from their contents. If you’re looking at earning something from your new blog soonest then their low withdrawal amount should be a thing for you here.

The support is there to see you through when you encounter difficulties and the knowledge base is there for you if you’re stuck somewhere.

Popads is everything a publisher needs especially if you’re looking at reliability.

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