Payfarmer Review: Is Your Money Safe?

Payfarmer is another digital agricultural platform with the aim of connecting farmers who are ready to farm in commercial scale to investors. You can support farmers across the nation without coughing out so much money and you still get a good return at the end of the farming cycle.

There are so many reasons while platforms like Payfarmer are worth investing in, one of such reasons is the huge return up to 30% in 9 months against 4.6% commercial banks give in our savings account. So, instead of stashing your money in the bank it’s wise to make an invest of this kind on a trusted platform like Payfarmer.

Let’s get to know more about Payfarmer through this review.

Payfarmer Review

Is Payfarmer Legit?

A lot of people say Payfarmer is a scam. Ignore all other information below.

Oh yeah! Payfarmer is 100% legit as all evidence points to that. I have read so many good reviews about this platform. To make things more assuring let’s look at the following reasons why we think so:

  • Payfermer has a CEO by name Bamidele Alimi.
  • They are registered under Delefresh Ng Limited with registration number 1364384.
  • Their head office is at F101 Ikorodu-Epe road, Epe, Lagos Nigeria.

Payfarmer also partners with Leadway Assurance company limited, Tessys Network services limited and Nigerian Promotion Council (NEPC).

Started in 2019 and have already paid the first set of investors.

Payfarmer Contact

You can contact them on 09035037650.

payfarmer contact

How Does Payfarmer Work?

  • First, you go to payfarmer website to sign up and get a personalized payfarmer profile.

Visit Payfarmer

  • There on the site after signing up, you’ll see farms that are open for sponsor, Select the one you want to sponsor and the unit(s).
  • Follow simple instruction to make payment which will require your debit card and on a very secure payment platform Paystack.

That’s it with sponsoring a farm.

Visit Payfarmer

Below is a pig farm you can sponsor. It might be fully subscribed when you visit the platform but you may find another opportunity or you can register and check back within weeks to find an open farm.

The principal or investment capital is N250,000 with a return of 28% with a 9 months cycle. That will be N320,000 plus the profit. Note the profit is N70,000 in 9 months, really worth it if you ask me.

Your money is totally safe as farms are insured by Leadway Assurance Company Limited in case of a mishap the farm is sure to get back up but just you know, there have not been a single case of loss in farms managed by Payfarmer since its existence.

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11 thoughts on “Payfarmer Review: Is Your Money Safe?”

  1. Payfarmer is *not* legit.
    They are not responding to emails or answering phone calls from investors. Several people (including me) have funds trapped with them.
    This is the status as of January 2021. Anybody thinking about investing in Payfarmer should be warned!

    • Hopefully, someone sees this writing and not make the mistake of investing in this fraud of a company. My returns have been due since Feb, 2021. No responses, no follow-ups, no call-backs, nothing! I am even more terrified with the fact that I have another bigger investment due soon. I am a lawyer and I intend to file a law suit class action against PayFarmer. Anyone who has been affected and would like to join this suit, kindly send an email to me – More than the money, we’d put an to such cycles until they pay every dime!

  2. I have the same experience, my first investment with them is pig investment and was due since January 5, 2021 and up till now they have neither paid nor returned calls and mails. I just pray they haven’t scammed me.

  3. am thinking of investing with payfarmer oh, but am really scared now due to this recent comments. someone help me please.

  4. Pls, do NOT fall for their antics. They actually have a farm and are into agriculture but they also divert and mismanage funds.
    They are also into changing a previous agreement to suit them at the expense of investors. For instance, they can extend your 6 months investment to 2 years as they are trying to do for me. I was supposed to be paid in January 2021 but they are trying to shift it to June 2022.


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