List of Ad Networks in Nigeria and How to Earn from them

Ad networks are an integral part of website monetization. However, sometimes finding an ad network that works for your online content and your specific type of visitors can be challenging.

If you’re a blogger in Nigeria and in Africa then you have a wide option of Nigerian ad networks to choose from as we bring to you list of all ad networks in Nigeria. A lot of bloggers in the country are making money from these ad networks and you too can.

Ad networks in Nigeria pay genuine though they are not premium ad networks like Propellerads and Podads but they do make it as comfortable as possible for its Advertisers and Publishers.

In case you are new to the ad network world let me start by telling you what an ad network is and what to expect.

At the later stage of this article, I have also explained how to earn from ad networks in Nigeria. So, you can check that out and be guided.

What is an ad network?

An ad network is a company that connects advertisers and publishers with the sole purpose of helping advertise advertisers products on publishers websites or apps.

What should you expect when using an ad network?

To join some ad networks you have to meet some requirements which sometimes could be traffic size and some pages on your site. You may also need to fall under some certain niches to be accepted.

And also you’ll need a lot of traffic if you want to earn a substantial amount from ad networks.

The signup process and implementation generally involve simple steps.

List of Ad networks in Nigeria

1) NgAdverts

  • Address:
  • Ad Type: Banner
  • Minimum Payout: #3,000
  • Payment Period: Net 30

We at strongly recommend NgAdverts for our readers. This is simply because it is one of the Nigerian ad networks we have tried and we had no issues getting our earnings.

Read our full review on NgAdverts ad network.

2) Dochase Adx

  • Address:
  • Ad Type: Banner (CPC)
  • Minimum Payout: #3,000
  • Payment Period: NET 30

Read our full review on Dochase ad network.

3) Alternative Ads

Read our full review on Alternative ad network.

4) Adquet Ad Network

adquet ad network
  • Address:
  • Ad Type: Banner
  • Minimum Payout: #2,500
  • Payment Period: NET 30

Read our full review on Adquet ad network.

5) Ads Naija

  • Address:
  • Ad Type: Banner (CPC)
  • Minimum Payout: #3,000
  • Payment Period: NET 30

6) Twine Pine

7) Adnaira

  • Address:
  • Ad type: Banner
  • Minimum Payout: #2,000
  • Payment Period: Upon request

How to Make Money from Ad Networks in Nigeria (A case study)

Often times we hear people label different ad networks as a scam. It could be their inability to earn from it or the ad network not paying their accumulated earnings over time.

In Nigeria, within the blogging circle, there’s no Nigerian ad network that has not been labelled as a scam. Most times the problem isn’t actually the ad networks but the publishers.

Ad networks are also doing business and they want to also make profits and most importantly maintain their source(s) of money flow which is the advertisers.

It’s a simple concept to understand how ad networks make money. An advertiser comes to them and pays for a slot and they put in on their publishers’ site who have agreed to it.

The advertisers have a target audience which they believe will work for their certain type of business.

Most times the problem is not your ad network but your traffic source.

Why did I say so?

Let’s say a company in Nigeria that sells cars. Such a company visits NgAdverts to help them advertise their cars, of course, their target audience is Nigerians. If you have a blog that gets 90% of its visitors from outside Nigeria the ads are not relevant to those visitors.

In your dashboard, you may see clicks and impressions but it will be stupid of NgAderts to pay for such traffic because it’s out of their target and certainly won’t make any sales for the car selling company.

But if 90% of you traffic source comes from Nigeria you can definitely help the car selling company make sales and the ad network maintains a good relationship with you the publisher and advertiser (the car selling company).

My Experience using NgAdvert (Nigeria ad Network) and Propellerads ( a foreign ad Network)

I tried the 2 ad networks mentioned above on 2 different sites. One site deals on Nigerian related topics like:

  • 8 top universities in Nigeria
  • 10 Loan apps in Nigeria
  • 5 Best hotels in Nigeria etc

This site has about 2k page views daily and honestly speaking reaching the minimum payout of 2k with NgAdverts took me just 11 days.

On the same site, I tried Propellerads for a month and I haven’t garnered up to a dollar for a month. Lower impression and laughable Cost Per Impression.

On my second niche site that deals only on WordPress optimization. Almost the same traffic with the other site that has more of Nigerian-related topics. I currently make about $8 every week transferred through PayPal on every Thursday. 90% traffic source is out of Nigeria.

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NOTE: If you’re struggling to get Google Adsense approval, you can make use of Propellerads. They are second to Adsense with good earnings.

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