Lcredit Loan Review: Get a Loan Within Minutes

Lcredit is an instant loan app in Nigeria among so many. If you’re thinking about giving Lcredit a try by getting a loan from the app, this Lcredit review will serve as a guide to you.

We will consider lcredit loan requirements, lcredit interest rate and repayment method.

Lcredit Review

Lcredit Loan Requirement

All loan apps have their requirements and Lcredit is no exception. To qualify for a loan you must provide the following:

  • You have to provide your mobile phone number.
  • You need to provide your Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • You need to provide your bank account details.
  • You need to be a Nigerian and between the age of 18 to 55.

That’ it with Lcredit loan requirement pretty much what anyone can provide.

How Much can be Loaned with Lcredit App

Lcredit allows loan between N1,000 to N50,000. You won’t be allowed to loan a big amount if it’s your first time but you can increase loan amount if you keep a good record of paying your previous loans on time.

Lcredit Interest Rate

Interest rate on Lcredit varies depending on some factors, the loan terms is one of the determining factor and credit score also has a big part to play.

Lcredit Contact

You can reach them on 016310555 and through email with

How to Apply

  • First, go to Google Playstore and download the app. Click HERE to download.
  • Sign up with your mobile number and verify. I found it difficult to verify my phone number as the verification code was sent after several tries.
  • Then set your log in PIN and tap on “Confirm”.
  • Tap “Apply now” on the next page that comes up
  • Go ahead to provide your BVN¬† and other information which includes your name, date of birth, gender.

Just follow the simple steps that follow to get a loan.

How Do You Repay Lcredit Loans

You can repay back loans through setting up automatic repayment. This will save you the stress of bank deposit while it makes for prompt payment of borrowed amount.

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