How to write Application Letter to Bet9ja Shop

Stuck on writing an application letter to a bet9ja shop?

No problem, this guide will make it easy for you.

Before we start, it’s good you know that since you’re seeking employment either as a bet9ja cashier or worker the letter is going to be a formal letter.

Even if you’re not able to put your words together you can always get someone to help you. The letter format below can really make things easy.

How to Write Bet9ja Application Letter

Now follow this format to get your application letter written:

Your full name

Your house address


Your phone number


The Manager of Bet9ja

Bet9ja Address


Dear Sir/Madam (use either Sir or Madam),


My name is (your full name) and I’m an indigene of (your local government, your state). I am (your age) years old and have completed my secondary education (completing your secpndary school is a minimum requirement here).

I’m also a computer literate (being a computer literate is an added advantage, if you’re a literate please make sure you add it).

I came across your advertisement looking for a worker/cashier (chose either one worker or cashier depending on the vacancy) and I’m interested hence me writing this application letter.

I promise to give my best if given positive consideration.

Yours faithfully

(Your name)

(Your signature)


That’s the format for applying for a Bet9ja job either for a cashier or other jobs.

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