How to Withdraw Money from Trust Wallet App

This guide will show you how to withdraw money from your Trust wallet to your bank account.

A little note on Trust wallet.

Trust wallet is a crypto wallet, easy to use, and very secure. You can store your digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos.

Let’s see how you can withdraw your Ethereum and other cryptos from Trust wallet.

How to Withdraw from Trust Wallet

There are 3 ways you can withdraw from Trust wallet into your local bank account which are:

  • Through Crypto Automated Teller Machine (ATM).
  • Through peer-to-peer platforms.
  • Through Exchangers.

How to withdraw from Trust Wallet through Crypto ATM

Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Get to a crypto ATM and click “Withdraw”

Step 2. Input the amount you wish to withdraw (you can’t exceed $1k in most cases)

Step 3. You get a QR code printed from the machine. Scan and send the equivalent coin. Then wait for the machine to confirm which sometimes takes up to 40 minutes.

Step 4. Let the machine scan the QR code given to you earlier. Upon confirmation, your money is remitted.

How to withdraw from Trust Wallet through Peer-to-Peer Platform

Another really easy way to withdraw from Trust wallet is through a peer-to-peer platform like Binance.

My experience with Binance has been awesome and you’ll find it very easy to use.

To use Binance follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Binance and sign up. Click HERE.
  2. Verify your account and be ready for trading.
  3. Go back to the homepage and click “P2P Trading”
  4. Select “Sell” then select your currency.
  5. Select a buyer and go on and trade while you’re been paid directly to your bank.

If you’re still confused about the actual process click HERE to register and keep this page while on Binance, the simple interface will help you sell your crypto in no time.

In the process, the buyer will give you an address you can transfer your crypto to and get money to your bank account.

How to withdraw from Trust Wallet through Exchangers

Crypto Exchangers are ready to buy your coins for your Trust wallet while they send you money, it’s as simple as that. You can search for exchangers on Google depending on your locality.

Before going ahead to use any exchangers, make sure to perform a background check to ascertain its genuineness.

Last words…

It’s like that you’ll find using exchangers easiest to use but you should be aware of the huge discount they always buy from sellers.

In any case, you should be able to weigh your options and go for the best.

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