How to Withdraw from TikTok

This guide provides workable steps to withdraw money from TikTok to PayPal and all there is to know.

A lot of people are concern if money can actually be made from TikTok and the answer is yes! If you earn the minimum withdrawal amount through content you’ve created you can request for withdrawal.

Let’s answer all questions related to Tiktok withdrawal.

What’s the minimum and maximum amount you can withdraw on Tiktok?

Answer: $100 and $1,000 daily respectively.

What’s the payment method(s) available on Tiktok?

Answer: You can only withdraw your earnings via PayPal.

How long does Tiktok withdrawal take?

Answer: It takes 15 days. During this period, your request is under review for securities. In few occasions the review can take long than the 15 days period mentioned.

How do you earn on Tiktok?

You earn from Tiktok through sponsored adverts on your videos.

Finally, how do you withdraw from Tiktok?

Follow the steps below to link your PayPal account to Tiktok:

Step 1. Login to your Tiktok account.

Step 2. Tap the “Me tab” to go your profile.

Step 3. Look to the top-right corner of your screen and tap on the 3 dots.

Step 4. There you see “Live Gifts”, tap on it.

Step 5. Tap on the red “Withdraw” button

On the next page input the amount you want to withdraw and and input the email address linked to your PayPal in the “PayPal ID” field.

To avoid withdrawal request rejection make sure your PayPal names corresponds with the one on Tiktok.

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