How to Withdraw from Lucky Money (Possible or Not?)

This article will talk about Lucky Money App withdrawal, whether it’s possible to play and withdraw or is it just a scam wasting people’s time?

A little note on how to earn on Lucky Money App: the app allows people to earn by breaking ice cubes. Well, breaking the ice a thousand times isn’t the problem, the problem is getting paid.

With over 1 million downloads on Play Store you can imagine how many players are searching for how to withdraw from this app.

Lucky Money withdrawal requirement:

  • You need to have a PayPal account to cashout.
  • You need to reach a minimum of $100. This can be done by tapping the cube a million times… That’s ridiculous if you ask me. Or you can complete other offers to speed things up.

Now to withdrawing your earnings. All you have to do is link your PayPal account by going to the “withdraw” on the app.

But…but does  Lucky Money really pay? It’s very unlikely that their intention is to pay. I mean looking at the task to be completed before reaching the threshold it’s going to take months.

So there’s no guarantee here, even though you find a payment proof somewhere, you should know that apps like Lucky Money may pay some very few users like 1 in a thousand but doesn’t pay others.

That’s all about Lucky Money withdrawal.

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