How to Withdraw from Gramfree

This guide will show you how to withdraw from Gramfree in simple steps.

But before then, there are conditions you have to reach, which are:

  • Accumulating a minimum of 500 grams which equals $500.
  • Sign smart contract.
  • Enter the daily lottery
  • Also, invest in grams.

This should take you about 60 days minimum.

Payment methods on Gramfree include Bitcoin, PayPal, Payoneer, and Master Card.

How to Withdraw Money from GramFree

Before we proceed, you should know that for some countries like Nigeria and Ghana, you can only withdraw your money as Bitcoin so, you need a bitcoin wallet.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Login to you Gramfree account, Click HERE.

Step 2. Go to Menu

Step 3. Click on “Withdraw

Step 4. Choose Bitcoin as your withdrawal method. Input your wallet address.

Step 5. Click Confirm and proceed to withdraw.

That’s it.

Last words… Not sure if anyone has withdrawn from this platform as I can’t ascertain if the withdrawal proof videos shared on Gramfree are real.

But if you’ve met the conditions for withdrawal then give it shot. If it works for you do let us know.

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31 thoughts on “How to Withdraw from Gramfree”

  1. This sh*t is a scam i have reach 500g and it keep showing me not enough gram. The whitdrawal video u watch is a scam. No one has ever whitdrawal from it. Stay away from scam!

  2. Since I don’t have a bitcoin wallet does it mean I can’t use any other platform. I really
    need more testimonies from those who have been paid

  3. Plz I withdraw today on gramfree and is on pending
    Is this real pls am really confuse this is my whatsapp no 08081849708 if anyone can help me out

  4. If you have received money from the platform please chat me up on WhatsApp 08063157509,, and why has my video not been approved for over a month now , I kept on seeing the same peoples video why

    • There’s difference between available balance and pending balance.. the balance you see on your dashboard is the sum of available and pending balance, you can have over 600grams on your dashboard and it might be just 400 in available and the remaining 200 in pending..

      Take note: you can only withdraw the available balance.. before clicking on withdrawal, scroll down and check the available balance and pending, if your available balance is not up to 500grams, you can’t withdraw

  5. Your available balance is your real balance..
    If your available balance is not up to 500gram you can’t withdraw anything..
    I just withdraw my 500gram today waiting for 2 weeks then I will know if this is real or fake..
    Add me on my WhatsApp if you need more information..


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