how to withdraw from gramfree

How to Withdraw from Gramfree

This guide will show you how to withdraw from Gramfree in simple steps.

But before then, there are conditions you have to reach, which are:

  • Accumulating a minimum of 500 grams which equals $500.
  • Sign smart contract.
  • Enter the daily lottery
  • Also, invest in grams.

This should take you about 60 days minimum.

Payment methods on Gramfree include Bitcoin, PayPal, Payoneer, and Master Card.

How to Withdraw Money from GramFree

Before we proceed, you should know that for some countries like Nigeria and Ghana, you can only withdraw your money as Bitcoin so, you need a bitcoin wallet.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Login to your Gramfree account, Click HERE.

Step 2. Go to Menu

Step 3. Click on “Withdraw

Step 4. Choose Bitcoin as your withdrawal method. Input your wallet address.

Step 5. Click Confirm and proceed to withdraw.

That’s it.

Last words… Not sure if anyone has withdrawn from this platform as I can’t ascertain if the withdrawal proof videos shared on Gramfree are real.

But if you’ve met the conditions for withdrawal then give it shot. If it works for you do let us know.

To ask more questions pls join our WhatsApp group👇

How to Contact Gramfree Customer Care

I’ve tried everything to get Gramfree’s contact but to no avail. I was on the website, watch youtube videos associated with the company, and found nothing that resembles their contact.

Has Anyone withdrawn from Gramfree in Nigeria?

Tbh, I’ve not seen anyone that has withdrawn from Gramfree from Nigeria or anywhere else. No matter the withdrawal method used, withdrawal was left pending and still pending.

In some groups, you may find some people that claim they can help you withdraw don’t fall for it. They’ll scam you.

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      1. I don’t know if gramfree actually pays, but if u those pay you will have to use other payment methods like PayPal payooner skrill bitcoin ethereum etc, but Nigeria ATM card won’t work because of the band on crytocurrencies….

      2. Based on my little research, it is only people inUS to be precise that have been able to withdraw from this platform

  1. Have reached the 500grams.and request for withdrawal since November 16 still pending is this stuff real

  2. Not sure it’s working. I’ve reached 582g long ago and can’t withdraw with my VISA card. Each time I try to withdraw, it will display “NOT ENOUGH GRAM”

  3. This sh*t is a scam i have reach 500g and it keep showing me not enough gram. The whitdrawal video u watch is a scam. No one has ever whitdrawal from it. Stay away from scam!

    1. Obiananyi Sylvester

      Pls can u reach me on Whatsapp 08036226515 cos I have a lot of questions I would like to confirm from you. Pls

    2. Pls, I just withdrew 500grams on the 30th December, 2020. Do I have to wait for 2 months for it to get to my Bitcoin wallet? Will it actually pay? Have you cashed out before?

      1. Hi Isaac I withdrew a few days ago but yet to receive it.

        Can u confirm if you eventually got yours?

        Thanks in anticipation

      1. Use bitcoin. You can sell the bitcoin and money will be transfered directly into your account. Call me or text on whatspp if you need help 08065168215

      1. I’ve reached 500gram since 20/11-2020. Going to 4 months now still showing me pending. I don’t think this gramfree is legit hmm just a waste of time and data.

      1. If You Can’t Withdraw Using MasterCard, why then did they include it… You need to help us gather more fact, not everyone here has bitcoin account

    3. Olajide Yakubu Abolaji

      I have submitted my withdrawal request since 3/3/2021 to my master card ,I’m still seeing pending till now , how long will it take me to get paid ? Or is there anything that needed to be done that i have not done

    4. Please chat me let me know how you successful withdraw your money
      Am so close to the withdrawal limit
      My WhatsApp number is 09028270239

    5. Which platform did you select, bitcoin payoneer or masrecard? Is it really true that Nigeria and Ghana can only use bitcoin? Pls reach me on 09020262800 let’s have a proper chat.

    6. Are you really sure because I have withdrawn to my MasterCard since February still pending and also I just withdraw another on to my bitcoin wallet.. Still pending also ..can u help me 08060309023

    7. Were you paid? Pls answer me its been a month since i requested for withdrawal its still pending

    8. Juliet, are you truly sure about this information? I await your prompt response please. Thanks in anticipation.

  4. Since I don’t have a bitcoin wallet does it mean I can’t use any other platform. I really
    need more testimonies from those who have been paid

  5. I have reached 510g,each time I want to make a withdrawal, the next thing I will see is, NOT ENOUGH GRAM, please here is my number 09036539186.

    1. Yes now. U haven’t reached 500gram. To know if you have click on withdrawal and scroll down. What does you available balance say? Some of you don’t even know how to use the site properly, you would jus come online and be sayiung shit.

      1. Please I used skrill and I’m in Nigeria cause I’ve seen a lot of video with skrill. It’s saying withdrawal is pending. What do I do please. If you don’t mind can we chat on whatsapp?

    1. I think yes, because if mastercard won’t work out, they won’t even include it in the first instance..

  6. Plz I withdraw today on gramfree and is on pending
    Is this real pls am really confuse this is my whatsapp no 08081849708 if anyone can help me out

  7. If you have received money from the platform please chat me up on WhatsApp 08063157509,, and why has my video not been approved for over a month now , I kept on seeing the same peoples video why

    1. There’s difference between available balance and pending balance.. the balance you see on your dashboard is the sum of available and pending balance, you can have over 600grams on your dashboard and it might be just 400 in available and the remaining 200 in pending..

      Take note: you can only withdraw the available balance.. before clicking on withdrawal, scroll down and check the available balance and pending, if your available balance is not up to 500grams, you can’t withdraw

      1. I made a withdrawal through Payeer and its been pending since 26/11/2020. S
        Does it mean I have lost the 500 gram since only Bitcon can work in Nigeria? Any advice? 08098569656

      2. Please can you educate me more on this? I really need your help. 08137094365 my WhatsApp number. Thank you. Will be expecting your message

      3. Where you see your real gramfree balance is in withdraw. If your gramfree balance is up to 500 grams then you can withdraw to bitcoin. Sell your bitcoin and receive cash directly into your bank account. Cal or text me on WhatsApp if you new help. 08065168215

  8. Can I use verve card to withdraw my money from gram free this is my 07039236126 WhatsApp numb I rich 500g

      1. I have withdrawal but my gram is still pending, till when am I getting paid because have work hard on this platform for the past 7months now

  9. Your available balance is your real balance..
    If your available balance is not up to 500gram you can’t withdraw anything..
    I just withdraw my 500gram today waiting for 2 weeks then I will know if this is real or fake..
    Add me on my WhatsApp if you need more information..

    1. Please drop me your number or add me on WhatsApp on 08128418684. I have questions to ask to know how I will go about mine,I just want to get information from people who have withdrawn so far from that platform

  10. Did anyone withdraw at all please. Made withdrawal through payeer but still pendingg for 2 months now. Have I lost my gram??

  11. Seems there is an issue withdrawing from this platform especially from this part of the world. After reaching available gramfree balance of 500 my withdrawal status has remained pending. My question is are there specific set of people allowed to withdraw from this scheme? Is the scheme real at all given negative comments that I have read from here? I just hope I haven’t wasted my data , time and resources doing this. Clarifications please.

  12. it pays because a friend gave a testimony of his friend being paid and soon also I will withdraw

    1. Please chat me on WhatsApp and link me to your friend let me know how its going to be

    2. It is always a testimony from a friend of friend, total rubbish.
      For the past five months, I’ve been searching online for one single person that got paid from Gramfree, and nobody, not even one single person. All reviews are negative.
      Do not waste your precious time and data.

    1. Open your luno and click on wallet,then click on btc after then it will show buy,sell,receive. Click on receive, the long alphabets and numbers is ur btc wallet address. U can click on it and copy the address

        1. Yes…you can.

          Just make sure it is Bitcoin Wallet on Trust or Blockchain or any other reliable Platform like Binance.

  13. I requested for payment through bitcoin yesterday but I’m yet to receive De fund via my wallet and De funny part is DAT its not even telling me its pending

    1. Pls add me up via 07040906464 on WhatsApp let’s chat for more updates, cos I’m gonna be making withdrawals soon too.

  14. Hmm, this Shit is getting more scary with no one showing real evidence of withdrawal, still on 300 grams, hoping to testify soon, whether scam or real we still move.

  15. Please I don’t understand the whole things here how long dose it take for some one withdrawal be completed on gramfree? Cause I place my withdrew on the 11/1/2021
    Please this is my Wassap number

    1. Hello am in Nigeria, pls I want to ask whether gramfree is real bcos now am in 300 grams pls I need ur help am serious 09068794188

  16. Please I need Help, I just made withdraw from my account today! With MasterCard. and it showing,,is there hope for me to receive my funds with the MasterCard I used? And any anyone received through either bitcoin or MasterCard in Nigeria, please I need response..08132603167

    1. You can withdraw with Bitcoin and get it sold either via Binance P2P or Remitano.

      It is very simple.

  17. I withdraw my 500 grams on 21.01.21 on Payoneer, and my status is ‘Pending’ i will wait and see what will happen.
    PS: I was collecting them since July 2020, I hope will be worth pending.

    1. Bokoru Endurance

      I withdraw today with Visa, please how long does it take to receive my money
      Plz contact me:08132935432

  18. Use Payoneer account and apply for withdrawal, sometimes if their bot discover any false manipulation in your account your withdrawal will be withheld.

  19. So no one has ever withdraw from this platform…
    Is that thing written there “Visa card” cos I don’t understand they only wrote visa?
    If you have withdrawn chat me on WhatsApp 07032079637

  20. I requested for withdrawals through PAYPAL on the 8th Feb 2021, and it’s still pending.i thought they said payments to wallets is an immediate thing.

    1. Akadu Amos Ishaya

      Pls can i withdraw to your PayPal i have, I have some of my money in a platform that can only be withdrawn to a PayPal.. 08135810077

  21. Am not sure this is real, because I’ve also withdraw 500grm still on pending for how many or months, you people should tell us if it’s scam and we moved on, then just be waiting for shit.

    1. For how many day’s are we going to keep on waiting for payment after all the work hard on this rubbish platform, they said if you withdraw trough your MasterCard or Visa card it will used up to two weeks before getting payment and if it’s a wallet you will get paid instantly, I paste my paxful wallet for some days now yet I haven’t get anything,I don’t think this is real.

    2. I did reach 500grams on October,2020 …but i broke the rule of….they will not tell you buh wen you withdraw….der u would knw…dey even blocked my account n I understand cus i knw i made a mistake

  22. Whats app me I lead you to the destination in gram free I made my
    first withdrawal last year and am still hoping for the second one

    1. Please this is my WhatsApp number 08132884097… Want to know how you were able to withdraw from the platform

    2. Good day, I reached 500grams since 01/14/2021, till today it’s still on pending. Pls how long will it take to reflect in my bitcoin wallet? I’m getting discouraged in this, Pls is there any help you can render? Best Regards. Chris. Here is my whattsapp number:08096536208.

  23. I just made withdrawal to day and it not even showing pending, hope we have not be scammed
    My WhatsApp no 08098554101 please add me

  24. Akadu Amos Ishaya

    08135810077. Can I use Mastercard. And I need someone who have a PayPal account that I can withdraw money inside from other platform then he send to me.

    1. adeleye sunday kevis

      Please l have not received any money because my gramfree is 500 so please what happened

    2. Can I know more about withdrawal with Racksterli in line with gram free withdrawal in case you know anyone who has received payment
      Chat me on WhatsApp 09028270239

  25. Have completed 500gram i have requested for withdrawal since on the 11/02/2021 its been on pending since then

  26. Jean de Dieu BIMENYIMANA

    I want to ask this question?
    What’s cause of pending for some grams?

    Is it mistake brought by the user? Or? Explain me please?

  27. Nadeem Habib Malik

    My withdraw is still pending since 26th Dec 2020
    What can I have to do?
    Please let me know

  28. Of all the chats I have seen so far, only one person has come out to testify that he withdrew last year & he is working towards second withdrawal. I hope this is not scam?

  29. I had withdrew mine on the 9th of February and it’s still on pending. I use bitcoin wallet to get this done. Here is my phone number 08160796095 (WhatsApp Enabled). It’s still pending waiting for it to be credited.

  30. I had withdrew mine on the 9th of February and it’s still on pending. I use bitcoin wallet to get this done. Here is my phone number 08160796095 (WhatsApp Enabled). It’s still pending waiting for it to be credited.

  31. Good day, I reached 500grams since 01/14/2021, till today it’s still on pending. Pls how long will it take to reflect in my bitcoin wallet? I’m getting discouraged in this, Pls is there any help you can render? Best Regards. Chris. Here is my whattsapp number:08096536208.

  32. Good day everyone.
    I am a member of Gramfree and I am from Nigeria. I registered Gramfree since August 2020 and at December my grams were 500, I placed my withdrawals on the 2nd of January 2021 and up till today the 1st of March 2021, I still haven’t received my money. I used Visa card withdrawal as it was among the options on their platform. Pls does anyone know how I can contact them to remind them about my payment cos it’s Still pending and am really worried.

  33. I initiated withdrawal with my Mastercard since December,2020 and up till now it’s still pending. Is there a way I can redirect the withdrawal to Bitcoin account?

  34. I need more to be educated on this gramfree, because watching videos and previews on how people are getting paid, so I’m wondering why mine is still pending since 20/11/2020.
    My WhatsApp number +2348032492639

  35. Please can i use MasterCard for withdraw?? Pls i need help dis is my wassupp number 09076681617

  36. I completely my gramfree and I withdraw it to my bitcoin wallet but it showing pending I don’t understand after everything please you people should do something about it

  37. Some of you saying that ‘I withdrew money’ and later conclude by saying that ‘it is still pending’ sorry, I think you lack simple English.

  38. adeleye sunday kevis

    Good day. Please can you tell me what is going on with my gramfree withdraw because I have made 500 gram and it as blocked please confirm my account and unblock it so that I can receive my money there thank you

  39. adeleye sunday kevis

    Seems there is an issue withdrawing from this platform especially from this part of the world. After reaching available gramfree balance of 500 my withdrawal status has remained pending. My question is are there specific set of people allowed to withdraw from this scheme? Is the scheme real at all given negative comments that I have read from here? I just hope I haven’t wasted my data , time and resources doing this. Clarifications please.

  40. I placed a withdrawal on 14 of February 2021 my status is still showing “Pending” and I need this money as BAD, I mean right now. Let it not be a waste. Please if you have any information on this, send me an email.

  41. Christopher chinedu

    It seems gramfree is having problem in withdrewing in this part of the world africa

  42. The fact that you have 500gram’s doesn’t mean you can just go ahead and withdraw, this is due to some conditions ,if you have pending grams from people you invited who havnt reach level 2,your grams won’t be credited,so you have to remind people you invited to participate and level up to at least level 2,so their 5 grams each could be added to your grams,officialy it takes a week or two for grams to be credited into your wallet due to verification reasons they want to be sure you didn’t cheat the server to get your grams and if they notice any foul play like you having double accounts etc they may not credit you .so keep rolling and doing your smart contracts so you can level up. Cheers.

    1. What about u one account n somebody still use ur Gmail to open another account because u r using Facebook, although ur account that u use the Facebook to open is not the one that reffered ur Gmail account n d person did not use it again will they still not pay

  43. I have read through everyone’s comment and I noticed most people don’t have upto 500grams in their bal, some already made it to 500grams and still havin issues, I also followed those who keep askin questions pertaining to using mastercard, and so on.. I know it’s not easy at all, spending so much time on this site and at the end you find it hard to withdraw your money.. Leme first buttress the Master card thing, immediately you click on Master card it request for the sixteen digit on your mastercard make sure u type it correctly, am pretty positive you will get your money, thou they didn’t ask for the bank nMe as we have various banks.. Mastercard should work, secondly.. For bitcoin, I would love to pinpoint somfin as well, it is well acceoted that what we payment option you find in the withdrawal board should be active and everyone using any should be able to use they one they have among them.. 09070317662…whatsapp me… Thanks… 👍👍👍

  44. Plsss am very close to withdrawal point but I dont know how to go about the withdrawing am confused, am I to deposit first before withdrawing ? Plss someone should Educate me more on this am novice

  45. I have reached 500g and went to input my Visa card number in which 500g was removed from the available bal but someone told me I won’t be paid so I ask will I be paid ?

  46. How certain are you about this information, have you been paid? Especially about those we invited who haven’t reached level2? How sure are you that each and everyone of them should reach level 2? even those that put up video showing that they have been paid still have huge amounts in their pending balance so how did you come about this conclusion?

  47. What makes me doing it , is bcos of testimony I got from a friend who told me that he withdraw 480k Last year February, I place withdraw on 26th of February this year up till now still pending

  48. Mine I did withdrawal on 18/3/2021 the 500gm available disappeared as I made withdrawal but didn’t reflect anywhere or even show pending. I’m feeling unsure about this whole gramfree process.

  49. Dont use luno download an intentional wallet like coinbase.all Nigerian wallets are on hold by CBN order.


  51. Salihu momohjimoh

    Please what can I do I have already click payoneer platform and is pending for withdrawal since you said it’s pay only people using bitcoin

  52. You cannot withdraw from the platform with any Nigerian account or wallet because CBN banned it. So I withdraw my money through PayPal and I was shocked when i received alert. IT’S real guys. I’m telling you. Just chat me up, I can open an international PayPal account for you, so you can withdraw your cash. 08108458588

  53. I made a withdrawal of 500gram since 03/02/2021 with my Bitcoin wallet and is still pending till date. Can you please help me and rectify the issue.

  54. 2-3months is very far to give people their rewards, people struggled to make sure they reach the 500 grams because they ve expectations.for up to year i tried my best to meet the task only to see that it’s pending for a long time for me it is very inhuman,gramfree should let people know their stand.

  55. In summary, no one gets paid! How can payment of two weeks most as stated on their site can be pending from November 2020 till date (March 26/2021)? To think Indians behind it call for questioning….

  56. I made a withdrawal with skrill wallet on the 26th March and its pending for 1-5 business days, thats skrills terms and conditions. so am still wating.

  57. I placed a WithdrawaL through trust walleet bitcoin address since 22 march 2021 and is showing me pending I want to know how long it takes for me to get paid +233504885881 WhatsApp me

  58. Bokoru Endurance

    I withdraw today with Visa, please how long does it take to receive my money
    Plz contact me:08132935432

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