How to Win Bet9ja Zoom More Often

Let’s see how one can win more on Bet9ja Zoom.

Early this year (2020), Bet9ja introduced a branch of virtual betting called ZOOM. It was interesting as usual but we need to understand it to be able to win.

This article will tell you what ZOOM is actually is, how it compares with Bet9ja virtual games and how to increase your chances of winning.

What is Bet9ja Zoom

Bet9ja zoom is a virtual football consisting of several leagues.

How Bet9ja Zoom Works

Bet9ja Zoom is a simulated football matches that bettors can predict and put stakes on. Not very different from the popular bet9ja virtual league games with the discrepancy being the time.

Bet9ja virtual league takes shorter time while Zoom goes the full 90 minute. Another noticeable difference is the odd spread, in the

Bet9ja Zoom the odd spread is very close to what we have in the real-life soccer games.

How to Check Bet9ja Zoom Soccer Livescore

It’s very simple, all you have to is log on to and all the Zoom livescores will be displayed on the page. To also check pass result, look at the top of your screen just after “Table” click on “Result”.

How to Forecast Bet9ja Zoom

The only way is to check the league standings where you can see when you click “Table” on the top of your page. Well, I don’t really how that helps as one would need more luck here to win an accumulator bet.

Is there a cheat to win Bet9ja Zoom? No, none that I can think of as it’s impossible to come up with a cheat that beats a system like this one.

Are there tips one can use?Yes, definitely. There are few tips that will help.

  • Don’t accumulate more than 3 games on a slip.
  • Don’t go for a one-time big kill. The odds should be between 1.5 to 3 odds.
  • Don’t judge from a real-life team performance to predict on Zoom.

Last words… Only bet what you can afford to lose…


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