How to Remove ZeeWorld from GOTV

This guide will show you how to remove Zeeworld from your GOTV.

We understand some people find this channel annoying and a lot of people (especially the female gender) are glued to it.

How to block any channel on GOTV

Without much ado let’s get to how this channel can be blocked so that no one watches it.

How to Remove Zeeworld from GOTV

  • First, press MENU.
  • Select Parental Control.
  • Select Block Channels.
  • Scroll down to where you have Zeeworld and press OK. A lock symbol shows on the screen telling the operation was successful.

That’s it, you’ve successfully block Zeeworld.

But don’t forget, you need to setup a unique PIN before doing this. Click HERE to know how to set a unique PIN and block any channel of your choice.

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