How to Remove Credit Card from TradingView (also remove phone and email)

This card will show you how to remove your credit card from TradingView and also your phone number.

You see, when paying for any of the TradingView’s plan the app saves your credit card details for subsequent billings.

You can remove your card details on the website or cancel your subscription whichever way you’ll stop TradingView from taking money from your card.

How to Remove Credit Card from TradingView

  1. Log in to your TradingView account and click on your profile on the top-right corner of your page.
  2. Click on “Account and Billing”
  3. There you see your credit card details and an X sign beside it. Click on the sign to remove your credit card details.

You’ve successfully removed your card details. On the other hand like I said before, you can cancel your subscribtion altogether. It’s better if you cancel to be on the safe side and never get billed.

To cancel your TradingView subscription follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your TradingView account.
  • Click on your profile
  • Click on “Account and Billing”
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription”
  • Click on “Confirm”

That’s it you’ve cancelled your subscription successfully.

Now, to removing you phone number from TradingView. Follow the steps below:

How to Remove Phone Number and Email address from TradingView

  • Log in to your TradingView account.
  • Go to our profile and click “Account and Billing”
  • There you’ll see under profile where you filled your personal details. Go down to where you have “Phone” and erase your phone number.
  • Go down and tap on “Save Changes”

That’s it.

If you run into any difficulties you can try reaching the TradingView customer support on

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