How to Remove ATM/Debit Card Details from Bet9ja

This guide will show you how to remove atm/debit/credit card details from bet9ja.

This detail is stored in the first place to make funding your account easy but if you’ve come to a point where you no longer want to use your Bet9ja account then it’s time to get your card details deleted.

Let’s see how this can be done.

How to remove ATM/Debit card from Bet9ja

Bet9ja uses Paystack and Flutterwave which stores your atm card details to be used for future transactions.

how to remove debit card from bet9ja

  1. Login to your Bet9ja account.
  2. Tap “Deposit”
  3. Input the amount you want to deposit. It takes you to a page where you can either use saved card details to pay or put in new card details.
  4. Besides the saved card details tap on the “x” sign to delete your atm card details.

Also, when you delete your Bet9ja account you’ve taken care of the credit card details as it’s deleted alongside. See how to delete your bet9ja account HERE.

If the idea to delete your ATM card from your Bet9ja account is birthed from the fear that your money can be stolen then I have to say that’s hardly ever going to happen as in a real sense Bet9ja doesn’t store your card details but Flutterwave or other payment methods are responsible in keeping your account save.

If you’re quitting betting then deleting your Bet9ja account is the best option as that also deletes your card details.

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    1. I want to delete my ATM card details bcos it has expired so I can add new one to enable me fund my account

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