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How to Register with Opay and Make Money (Opay Agent and Referrer)

Learn how to make money with Opay as an agent and a referrer. It is actually very simple to start as an Opay agent and come to think of it, it does not require any capital register.

Opay Nigeria has come to stay and a lot of people have seized the wonderful opportunity and are making money from it.

Let’s start by knowing about Opay.

What is Opay?

Opay is an app that’s made to help make payments of certain bills or buying o services with the lowest charges around.

OPay otherwise known as Operapay is owned by Opera software the maker of the well-known Opera browser.

Opay can store your debit card details to make paying for future services easier that’s raises concern for its security.

Is Opay secure?

YES! Opay is absolutely secure you can store your debit card details without any worry.

What you can do with OPay App.

  • Buy data and airtime for self and others.
  • Pay electricity bills.
  • Bet9ja Top-up.
  • Pay for satellite subscription including DSTV and GoTV.

How to Make Money from Opay in Nigeria

You make money as an Opay agent or by simply referring people to use Opay app and using your referral code when they sign up.

How to Become an Opay Agent and Make Money

First, let’s understand who an Opay Agent is.

Opay agents are those that partner with Opay to take their services to the public.

opay agent

Benefits of Becoming an Opay agent

  1. Opay will give you a free POS for money transaction.
  2. No charges when you send or receive money.
  3. Registering as Opay agent is absolutely free you don’t pay a kobo.
  4. You get quick support from Opay call centre in case of any issue.
  5. You will withdraw your commissions from Opay wallet anytime you want.

Opay Agent Requirement

These are the things you should have before becoming an Opay agent.

  1. You should be able to read and write and communicate with english.
  2. You should have the following documents:  means of identification (example voters card or national id card), passport photographs, Utility bills (example PHCN bill) and lastly, Corporate Affair Commission documents (not compulsory)
  3. You must have an android phone where the app will be installed.
  4. A shop, not necessarily a big one and not also a private shop is required to serve as a customer base contact.
  5. You should understand why it is important to deal with customers.

How to Become an Opay Agent and Make Money

Finally, after fulfilling all the above requirements is time to go ahead and register as an agent on Opay.

Follow the below steps:

Step1. First, go to Google Play store or click HERE to download the app.

Step2. Make sure to use your active mobile number when installing the application.

Step3. Now you need to get the Opay agent form. Chat up with Opay support team through the app and request for this form.

Step4. There you will need all the above-mentioned document (voters card, passport etc.)

Step5. After successful signup as an agent, you are good to go. You can start all the transaction that you wish to make.

How to Refer Friends to Opay and Make Money

Well, you don’t need to become an agent before you make money from Opay. You can make more than k3k daily just by making your friends use Opay app. But first, you need to make your friends and family install Opay and make use of your referral code,

To start, follow the below steps:

Step1. Go to Google Playstore and download Opay or click HERE to download.

Step2. Signup using this referral code: Note you must sign up through a referral code to be able to refer others.

Step3. Tell your friends about it and make sure they use your referral code while signing up.

You will be paid commission to your Opay wallet as your friends who signed up with your referral code use the app to make any transaction.

What is Opay Referral Code

Opay referral code is a unique code given to each user. It is through the referral code that you earn your commission when you refer someone to start using Opay.

So, you should make sure that people you tell about Opay use your Opay referral code

That is it with how to make money fro Opay. If you have any question ask using the comment box.

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  1. Thanks to OPay transport service “Oride”, I have been able to reach my destinations Lagos State on time be it weekdays or weekends. I blog also and truly appreciate your write-ups. The article has really gotten my interest. I am going to bookmark your blog and keep checking for new details every week.

    1. What you get varies depending on what your referred person do. For every recharge you are given 2%, you’re even given more when he subscribes for cable.

  2. if i change my opay number,will the money that was supposed to be paid to the former one still be paid to the new one

    1. I don’t think I understand you fully.

      But know that if you change your Opay account i.e if you create a new Opay account you won’t be able to receive earnings that was tied to the old Opay account. So, do your best to log into the old Opay account.

  3. Hello, I am in SA, I have a Samsung Note and Huawei Y 6 2018.. I am unable to register on the opay app.. I need to get paid for my articles that I wrote on opera news hubs.

    Can you please assist on this.
    Is the app compatible only for people who are in Nigeria?

    Many Thanks

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