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How to Make Money Online in Nigeria with your Android Phone

If you’re wondering how to make money online in Nigeria with your android phone or your smartphone then this article will give you all directions you need.

Android phones no matter how sophisticated have their own limitation. The obvious one is the screen size but then, android phones still browse the internet and this makes you open to lots of opportunities.

To erase any doubt let me tell you this: You can make money from your android phone here in Nigeria because I have done and I’m willing to show you how.

Sit back and read carefully.

2 Ways to Make Money Online with your Android Phone

1. Through Survey Apps

Survey apps let you take surveys and earn rewards. Rewards can be actually money, gift cards or any other payment. Now, Nigerians and Africans have a problem of not having lots of survey programs come their way. So many survey apps don’t accept Nigerians and even those who do hardly accepts Nigerians when a new survey opportunity pops up from the app.

So, I have tried some survey apps and came out with the best that works out for Nigerians and I’m sharing it with you. One of such survey apps working well for Nigerians is Mobrog, they pay up to 600 naira per survey. Click HERE to sign up on Mobrog.

Make Money through Survey Apps in Nigeria

2. Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is about helping a business or company make sales or reach customers and you’re paid commission.

In Nigeria, they are almost a hundred affiliate programs ranging from web host companies, saving apps, loan app and many more.

Affiliate marketing is not as easy as it seem but it has a huge potential and can bring thousands of naira monthly if done right.

Let me explain an affiliate program I have enjoyed. It’s the Piggyvest affiliate program and you can totally promote the company totally with your android phone or any smartphone here in Nigeria.

Piggyvest is a saving app, it helps people control how they spend money and you can also make money through interest rate paid on certain features. Read our Piggyvest review.

Piggyvest affiliate program offers 1,000 naira to any successful referral you make. All you have to do is make someone sign up through your referral link and complete registration and you receive your 1,000 naira.

Other referral programs are:

  1. Mobrog referral program ($0.65 per referral). Sign up HERE.
  2. Rubies bank referal program (Paid per transaction). Sign up HERE.
  3. Jumia affiliate program
  4. Konga affiliate program and more

3. Recharge and Get Paid

This business has a huge potential but also requires a lot of work. RAGP allows you to earn from your downlines, your downlines are people that have joined the company through you.

Now, I alwasy feel skeptical about registering on programs that reuire referral before earning but the product  RAGP is selling is a must have for so many or all, that makes it easy for you to get people only advertising on your Fcaebook timeline. Read more about RAGP HERE.

That’s it.

Obviously, making money through taking survey looks like a much easier venture than the rest. However, you should also give other ways a try as this will enable you to diversify and make money.

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