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How to Join Opera News Hub and Make Money as a Writer

Opera News Hub is here to give content writers a reward for their passion and work. The popular Opera introduced this platform late last year.

The platform allows writers to earn from the content they put on the platform then opera uses their different channels to show it to users.

If you ask me if it’s worth it, I would say YES but don’t expect the money that you want to come easy. You have to write consistently to start earning tangible amount from your works.

The good thing here is, if you know what you’re doing you can rest after a while you keep earning from your previous works.

How to Join Opera News Hub

  • Register with Opera News Hub: The registration process is easy, go to Opera News Hub, you will have to log in to your Facebook on the same browser to be able to register on the platform.
  • Provide your Information: Here, you should provide your correct information including your Opay number. If you don’t know what Opay is, click HERE to know more.

After filling your information, you will have to wait for review and approval of your account which now takes up to 24hrs.


That’s it with how to join/register on Opera News Hub. Now, it’s time to write your content. Note, this comes after you might have been approved.

On your Opera News Hub Dashboard,  click on “Create” and input your article’s title and the content. After everything hit publish. That’s it.

Now you will be concerned with how much Opera News Hub pays, the platform pays #0.036 per article click.


Opera news hub isn’t going to be worth it if you don’t put the needed work into making money from the platform.

You don’t need to have been writing articles before, as long as you can write what people can read and find it interesting then you’re good to go.



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