How to Create a Free Blog and Make Money in 3 Months

Perhaps you’ve heard about how people make money from blogging and the amount of money that’s on the internet and you would also like to have a share of the big pie.

Now, a common problem is always the startup capital for a newbie. And sometimes one is afraid that it won’t work out for him/her.

Just an addition, making money from blogging solely depends on if you’re ready to put in the needed work. You’re not gambling, you don’t need luck. All you have to do is learn and apply and in a matter of months, you start reaping the benefits.

You could make up to 3 figures monthly from a free blogging platform and of course can move further to buy a custom domain name and a hosting plan when you’ve made enough money.

Is it more difficult to make money from a free blogging platform that it is from a paid platform?

My answer: It depends on the amount of money. To make anything below 3 figures is just the same amount of work or maybe just a little effort from a blog on a free platform.

But if you want to get serious and earn more you will need to move to a paid platform where you’re handed the freedom to customize your online creation as you wish. And it comes with more whistles and bells.

Let’s know what people pay for before getting a blog on a paid platform like

What People Buy Before Starting a Blog

The 2 most important things are the Domain name and a hosting plan.

The domain name is your blog’s address or name in form of “” while the hosting plan is the space you buy from a web host company to store your blog so that it can be accessed through the internet.

Other things people buy are the theme (look at this as the cloth you wear but in this case, the cloth comes with some functions) and plugins (something added to your cloth to bring more functions also brings the additional feature to a site).

These are the basic things needed as you begin and honestly so many pro bloggers never really had the need to add anything to it.

This means that when using a free blogging platform you get a free domain, a free hosting plan, a free theme/template and free plugins (mostly codes)

Which is the Best Free Blogging Platform?

A lot of blogging platforms like Blogger, Wix, WordPress ( the .com version), bing etc offer free blogging platform but only the Blogger platform is advisable and the best for starting a free blog. Unlike the other platforms, they don’t have a paid plan everything from start to finish is free.


Why is Blogger the Best for Starting a Free Blog?

  • Simple interface: The interface is super simple to use and anybody within minutes should be able to find your way.
  • More free resources available.
  • More control when compared to other free platforms.

What is Needed to Succeed when Blogging on A free Platform

Pay close attention to this part of this article. You need this to make money as soon as possible.

First, choose a niche that you’re familiar with or that you would like to write about. If you’re still feeling a bit uncomfortable about the topic you can search for blogs/site in that niche. Read about 50 articles surrounding the topic from a different site and you should feel much better.

Make a list of the topics you would like to write on and start writing. Don’t expect writing top-quality articles, in the beginning, these things take time.

Go to your Blogger blog and post them.

Go to Google Console and add your sitemap so your site will be crawled and index by Google. This will make your site to show on the search result page for people searching with related queries to click on it.

Keep writing articles. Remember maintain the niche I encourage you to use a content strategy like the Cluster content strategy on Hubspot.

Getting traction from google will take at least 3 months. So, during this time you should be patient while you keep adding quality content.

After 3 months, you should see a significant amount of increase in traffic when you check your search console. To get a better statistic on how your site is faring try adding your site to Google Analytics.

It’s time to make money with your blog simply referred to as blog monetization. There are a lot of ways you can make money from your blog one good way is through ad network and affiliate marketing.

You could apply to Google Adsense or any other ad network. Or choose an affiliate program related to your niche.

Check out our article on the basics of blogging which will give you a fair knowledge of what niche is.

The Downsides to Free Blogging Platforms

  • You have limited control.
  • You are limited to some monetization methods in some cases.
  • Limited features are made available.

Why you Should Go for a Paid Plan Immediately

There are a lot of reasons you should go for a premium blog where you pay for the hosting plan and the domain name.

  • It’s cheap. Try creating one with Bluehost.
  • It allows you more control.
  • It can be monetized more efficiently.
  • You owned it and you can do with it as you like.
  • Availability of more options and features.

Bluehost is a perfect place to get a self-hosted WordPress blog for the lowest fee around.

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