How to Check Startimes Subscription Satatus (Balance)

Not sure if your Startimes subscription (balance) is still active? Dont’t worry, Startimes has made it super easy to check this.

To check your Startimes subscription status or balance at anytime, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Startimes website, click HERE.
  • Click on “RECHARGE BUTTON” button.
  • On the next page you will be required to input your 11 digits smart card number.

That’s it, your subscription status will be there on the next screen for you to see.

If you have any problem, please use the comment section.

7 thoughts on “How to Check Startimes Subscription Satatus (Balance)”

  1. Every month I struggle to pay subscription I live in Lesotho 021 3984 7329 help me with how I can get better payment option I have to source agents who only pay my account at their own convince

  2. Good Morning
    Please I made subscription 1 Month on 30th of April but today it shows subscription has expired

  3. Why am I directed here when this thing is written in Arabic? My subscription is not yet due but I can’t watch nothing.

  4. My subscription just expired after one week.
    I paid #1800 for basic for one month last week
    Smart card 02146325753

    • I just subscribed yesterday for monthly basis banquet, I watched those channels yesterday but today now is another story that I should subscribe again, what a heck is that?.
      And this is not the matter of signal, I had never had signal problem before, pls fix that on this smartcard (02110070735).


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