How to Check Premier Lotto Results

Looking for how to check your results on premier league lotto also known as Baba ijebu without going through too much stress, don’t search too far this article is just for you.
You can check your premier league result by walking up to any agents and requesting for it and also through these two methods which are;
  • Checking using USSD code
  • Checking through the premier lotto blog

How to Check Premier League Lotto  Result Using USSD Code

Premier League lotto has made it easier for customers to check their results using USSD code. This is made available to Airtel, Glo, and MTN users.
By using the USSD code you will be able to get results and news about the premier league lottery game right on your mobile phones.
Buy a premier card look at the back of the card and f0llow the instruction:
1. Scratch off the covered area to find your secret PIN.
2. Text the PIN to 32240 for Airtel and Glo subscribers.
3. For MTN, text PIN to 0703 0000 280.
After following the steps listed above you will receive an SMS that confirms your access to premier league lotto’s latest draw results.
Also, a  message which will inform you of your winnings if you won and howto receive your winning.
How to Check Premier League Lotto Result using the Premier Lotto Blog
  1. Browse the premier lotto blog on
  2. Under the premier league lotto menu click on the sub-menu called “Premier league lotto results”

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