How to Change OTP Phone Number in Nigeria

It happens sometimes that we lose the number that we use to receive One-Time passwords which is the same phone number linked to our bank accounts.

So, at this point, we’re left with trying to change the number to our current number where we have access. For us in Nigeria, let’s see what our options are.

How to Change OTP Phone Number in Nigeria

There’s no way of changing this via the internet. The only option is to visit your bank and ask for a change. Of course, you’ll be given a form to fill.

Know that this is without any cost.

Even more so, this same phone number is where you get to receive all the debits and credit alerts so it’s important you attend to it.

The above solution is for banks like First bank and Access bank and all other banks with physical branches.

What happens in the case of mobile-only banks like Kuda?

You will have to reach out to their customer care service asking for a change. It’s simple and quick.

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