How to Cancel Jumia Food Order

Ever ordered a meal on Jumia only to have a change of mind a moment later?

Don’t worry you can cancel your order without any charges.

This article will show how can Jumia food orders, items, and everything about Jumia refund.

How to Cancel Jumia Food Order

To do this call Jumia Food customer support to check if the restaurant had started preparing the food or if it has been dispatched.

Remember, if the above are the cases you can’t cancel your order as it will be deemed too late.

Just on the Jumia Food website, you’ll find the contact of the restaurant you placed your order. Instead of calling Jumia Food customer support, you may call the restaurant directly which will make your cancellation faster.

To cancel an order on some other items on Jumia you need to call the customer support of the country you reside in.

Now, to other questions from users of Jumia:

Does Jumia refund money?

Yes, Jumia refunds your money and the cancellation comes with no additional charges. But, you have to follow Jumia’s cancellation policy

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