How to Buy Shares on Passfolio in Nigeria

Stock buying is one of the safest long term investment in our contemporary world. And this wonderful platform has made it easy for Nigerians to get a feel of what it is to0 own stocks in the US.

Passfolio allows Nigerians to buy shares in the US and enjoy the dividend through their mobile app and also through the web platform.

Let’s get to know what Passfolio is and how Nigerians can buy shares from companies in the US.

What is Passfolio?

Passfolio is a stockbroker headquartered in San Francisco, US. It has its presence in 170 countries including Nigeria.

How to Buy Shares on Passfolio in Nigeria

You don’t need to run a domiciliary account as you can fund your Passfolio wallet from your local bank debit card.

Once you fund your account you can then buy shares you want to buy. It takes just ₦10,000 (minimum deposit) to start buying stocks right from the Passfolio app. Some of the shares you can buy are from Apple, Facebook

However, from personal experience, I’ve found using the app frustrating as it keeps crashing forcing me to start the verification process from the beginning time and time again.

To have a seamless experience you should go though the website, click here.

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