How to Buy a Phone from EasyBuy

Easybuy is an innovation that has made it easy for people to buy phones and other sevices with a part payment.

If you’re looking at getting a phone under EasyBuy plan then this article is going to work you down the process including things you need to know before going ahead.

First, let’s know how EasyBuy works.

How Does EasyBuy work

EasyBuy helps people buy phones on loan. The loan period ranges from 3 to 6 months and comes with an interest as expected. No clear figure on what the interest is as it varies depending on the device and loan period.

EasyBuy partners with shops across the country to make this possible.

Well, you don’t just walk into a shop and get a phone under the EasyBuy loan plan, you must first of all pay at least 30% of the phone price.

Aside the, there are other things you need to offer before your loan is approved. You have to provide your Bank Verification Number (BVNs), ATM information like your PIN and a valid ID card like your voter’s card.

How to Buy a Phone from EasyBuy

For those of us looking for how to buy a phone and pay in installment, this is a great opportunity as EasyBuy offers that.

Let’s see how below:

Step 1. Walk into a phone shop partnered with EasyBuy.

Step 2. Pick a phone of your choice.

Step 3. At this point you’re required to provide information which include the ones listed above including information of 3 guarantors. Guarantors may your siblings or colleagues at work.

After providing all the necessary requirements you’re being given the device you choosed.

How to Pay EasyBuy Loan

One easy way of paying the loan is by downloading the EsyBuy mobile and completing your registyration.

Your registration will include submitting your ATM card details which will enable EasyBuy to deduct your payment directly from your bank account when it’s due date.

Another way is going back to the EasyBuy agent shop where you got the phone. There and then everything will be sorted out.

What happens if you’re not able to back the loan?

Well, I have withnesses this scenario and it wasn’t really. EsyBuy after calling the loanee for several months turned to calling the guarantors. Kind of embarrassing to the loanee but I think it’s deserved.

So, before going ahead to get a phone or device from EasyBuy loan plan make sure you will be able to pay back.


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