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How to Advertise on Facebook in Nigeria: Grab Our Facebook Marketing Course

About 26 million people in Nigeria are on Facebook. That’s a big market if you can get your own products or services or messages to even a small percentage of that number of people.

A lot of people just like you want to advertise on Facebook but they are not sure of how to go about it.

I have a guide that solves that problem easily.

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People have questions like:

  • How do I run Facebook ads for only Nigerians or for a particular state or city?
  • How much does it cost to run ads on Facebook?
  • How to pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria?
  • What is Facebook’s advert rate in Nigeria?

Without finding answers to these questions anyone can stay away from advertising and making plenty sales. This shouldn’t be the case at least now that you have the opportunity to learn everything and benefit from this large market.

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As a business owner or a person who wants to get people’s attention, knowing how to run Facebook adverts will make all the difference for you.

These are what you stand to gain:

  • You will show your products or services or messages to thousands even millions of people living in Nigeria or beyond if you want to.
  • You will define the type of people you want to show your message or products to, not just showing to random people that don’t even have interest in what you’re selling. You can choose to show your products to only men between the age of 20 to 30 or women just anyhow you want it.
  • You will make more sales or draw audiences more than you have ever done. Of course, when you show your product to more people you will make more money than you’ve ever made.

These are reasons you should definitely grab this Facebook marketing course called Facebook Ads Domination.

The Best Facebook Marketing Course

This guide cost only 1,000 and it’s for a short period.

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Now, who is this Facebook Domination Course for?

The Facebook course is for those that want to not only know how to advertise on Facebook but also do it in the most effective way. It’s very simple and the guide is affordable.

For Business Owners, if you’re selling shoes, clothes or any product at all you can use Facebook to advertise it to a certain community or state where you stay or where you can go to and sell your products.

For Churches, if you have a program or you wish to invite the public to your church or program, you can advertise your church or programs to thousands of people.

For Service Renders, if you have a skill like logo design, website creation or whatever you do, don’t waste one more minute, get the Facebook Ads Domination Course and learn how to show your service to thousands of people and get people calling every hour or 2 for your service.


This guide cost only 1,000 and it’s for a short period.

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Example of the Facebook Ad Domination

A tech company by name “Integral Software Sytems Limited” advertise their Logo Designer below is the result.







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The advert got to 12,000 Facebook users and more than 100 people requested at least a logo design in 1 month from Integral Software Limited. Remember, a logo design cost 5,000 you can do the calculation. This can only be possible through Facebook Ads.

How much was spent on the advert? Just 9,000. That’s the power of doing advertisement the right way and doing it on the right platform.

With this guide you will know how to show your business or message to at least 1,000 people with just 1,000. You can do it unlimited times.

And hey, I’m always here to help. My number: 08104094348.

Your choice!

This guide cost only 1,000 and it’s for a short period.

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