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Fast2earn Review 2020: Make Money Online Anywhere in the world

If you’re looking for a way to make money online then Fast2earn is a good avenue to start with.

In this Fast2earn review 2020, you get to know a lot about fast2earn.

Note: You can join this program and also invest from anywhere in the world. It is just the same process irrespective of your country.

There are several ways to make money online in Nigeria and Fast2earn is one of the best around.

Lest’s start by knowing if Fast2earn is legit or not.

Fast2earn Review 2020

Fast2earn Legit or Scam?

I was doubtful when I first came across Fast2earn on a Facebook group but to clear my doubt I did a background check then I found out the company is legit and has been in operation since far back 2013.

In fact, at the time I checked so many Nigerians and people all over the world were already making money from this platform. Fast2earn is real.

So, you don’t have to worry about investing since they are very legit.

About Fast2earn

Fast2earn is an international company that serves as a medium between companies/startups and people from which people can buy shares from these companies and earn daily or resell the share after some time and make profits. What this simply means is that you fund a business by buying their shares and you’re being paid dividend daily, weekly or monthly.

Note: You don’t do anything other than buying your shares and sit back while you earn.

Before we continue let’s know what a share is.

A share is a part of a capital given by an individual to a company to fund their business from which he is paid a certain profit called Dividend.

How Does Fast2earn Work?

How Do You Earn From Fast2earn

You can earn from this platform in 3 ways.

1) By daily, weekly and monthly dividends from your shares.

2) Through Reselling your Shares when it rises. You could buy a share $4 and later sell it when it rises to $7 and make a $3 profit.

You will make more profit when you buy more shares. Say you but 20 shares of $4, that will be $80 and later selling each for $7 will make you a $60 profit. $60 equals #21,600 profit in a few weeks. GOOD BUSINESS!

3) Through referrals. You can also make money by telling your friends and when they sign up you are paid a percentage of their deposit.

How To Join Fast2earn

It’s a simple process where you just have to verify your email address.

After signing up with Fast2earn is time to take care of your payment method. Some of the payment methods available on the platform are:

  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • Master card and others.

I have tried using my UBA MasterCard on the platform later I also found out that MasterCard form Nigeria isn’t working on the platform.

So, I tried using Bitcoin and everything worked out fine.

If you’re not familiar with how Bitcoin works, don’t worry about getting your Bitcoin wallet as using Luno won’t reach 5 minutes and you’ll be done.

I personally use Luno Bitcoin wallet and that’s what I recommend but if you have any Bitcoin wallet already you can skip this part of the article.

To get your Luno Bitcoin wallet click here. Just sign up filling the required fields and verify your account.

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After verification is time to buy Bitcoin. You can buy Bitcoin for as low as #500 but for the sake of this business it’s better you buy at least #3k worth of Bitcoin (you can also start the business with lower amount) and I also advise you to buy more if you have the money.

After funding your Bitcoin wallet it’s time to return to your Fast2earn account and buy shares.

How to Buy Shares from Fast2earn

  • Click on “Project”
  • Click on “All Project”
  • Search for “Universal Design” then choose how many of these shares you want to buy. You also have the option of adding other types of shares.
  • Then click on “Continue”
  • Choose Bitcoin as the payment method and return to your Luno Bitcoin account and click on “Send”.
  • Then input the address and the price and click Send. Make sure it is successful.
  • Come back to your Fast2earn account and confirm payment.

Note: Using a Luno mobile app will make the process easier. You can download the app by visiting Google Playstore.

There you’ll see shares available to buy click on “Invest”. You’ll also see your daily profit after buying a share.

When Do You Withdraw Your Profit

You can withdraw your profit when you have a minimum of $8 (2,880 naira) in your balance and this you can get in your first week of investing in businesses on this platform.

Withdrawal can be done through a Bitcoin wallet or a PayPal account. I haven’t really tried the direct bank transfer as at now but I’ll update the post as soon I do.

Do well to navigate and explore pages on the site.

Fast2earn Payment Proof

Fast2earn payment proof is showed by the image below. This image isn’t too clear due to the device I took it from at the time of writing this review.

Or you can Whatsapp me by clicking HERE where you can ask me all your questions and be guided properly.

I hope this fast2earn review 2020 helps you get started and make money online.

Click HERE to sign up with Fast2earn and invest.


If you have any question concerning how Fast2earn works, you can ask using the comment section below.

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  1. I am not really cleared on the withdrawal long those it stay before someone receive the bitcoin. Is the system automated.

    1. You get your money when you request for withdrawal. According to the message on the site when requesting it could take up to 15 days for your money to get to you. But from my experience, it hasn’t taken that much before. Highest I have waited is 7 working days.

    1. Of recent Fast2earn has been acting funny. But I think you can get your money when you have 30 point bonus. If it doesn’t work out try contacting them to be cleared.

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