Honest DomainKing Affiliate Program Review

DomainKing affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria for Nigerian bloggers.

And also, the hosting company is arguably the best hosting company in Nigeria. I’m saying this from experience as I’ve not only used it for myself but also for client websites.

You can also read about the best affiliate programs in Nigeria for bloggers.

Now, the Domainking affiliate program also offers bloggers mostly Nigerians the opportunity to make money recommending them. I have made a few bucks from them all for the good.

Let’s know how the program works.

How Does DomainKing Affiliate Program Work?

It’s simple and similar to how other affiliate programs work – you help them sell their product and you’re being paid a certain amount per sale called commission.

How To Make Money From DomainKing Affiliate Program

  • Sign up: This is where you register to the program (much on how to join the program later).
  • Spread the good news: Next step is to tell people about Domainking and what they offer. Be honest. Domainking is a good hosting company with very cheap hosting plans so you have really good things to tell friends and followers.
  • Earn commission: To be honest here I am not quite impressed with DomainKing commission rate. DomainKing gives just about 10% of the entire purchase to the marketers and it’s one time. Well, not all that bad as I have been able to earn when I was starting and it was really helpful.

DomainKing Affiliate Minimum Payout

DomainKing pays its affiliate marketers when you have a minimum of #2,000 in your finalised balance not pending. It used to be #1,000 until 2019.
You also earn free #500 when you sign up as a marketer.

To be honest you can generate more than 10k monthly if your blog is related to blogging.

That’s a good addition to the overall monthly income which is a good thing.

How To Cashout From DomainKing Affiliate Program

You can only cash out when you have a finalised earning of #2,000 as I have already said.
There are 2 ways to cash out your earnings

  • The first method is by clicking the “Withdrawal” button on your dashboard. Note, for this to work you must have filled the correct details of your bank account,
  • Another method is by opening support ticket stating specifically that you want your earnings.

Excited about joining this affiliate program? Go ahead.

How To Sign-up on DomainKing Affiliate Program

  • Register with DomainKing if you don’t have an account with them.
  • Then locate the “affiliate” button at the top-right corner and click on it.
  • There you will see your affiliate page, click on the “Activate Affiliate Account” button.
  • This is all concerning the sign-up process.
  • You can make use of the promotional resources provided by DomainKing. All you have to do is copy the HTML code and paste it on your blog where you want the advert to show. Or you can embed your unique affiliate link in your blog post.

Have any question to ask about this ad network? Please use the comment section below.

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