Common Startimes Questions and Answers

Startimes is one of the TV services operating in many African countries. One standout attributes of is its flexible subscription plan which is available per daily, weekly and of course, monthly.

Here in this article we’re going to answer questions asked by Startimes users.

Q1. How can I check my Startimes serial number?

Ans: The serial number is printed at the side of the decoder facinf down. It’s eleven digits with a white background. Look at the picture below to know where it is located.

Q2. How do I activate Startimes pay per day?

Ans: The Startime pay per day had started far back 2017 so it’s not new. The daily subscription varies per the number of channels.

There are 4 packages available:

  • ₦60 per day (30+ channels)
  • ₦90 per day (60+ channels)
  • ₦180 per day (75+ channels)
  • ₦240 per day (90+ channels)

Anyone you choose to subscribe you can simply dial *737*37*60*smart card number#

*Note, number of channels may differ slightly from time to time.

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