3 Blogging Mistakes I Made When I Started – You Can Also Learn From It

I don’t think blogging itself is difficult especially when you have the time and the right knowledge. But as a starter, you make a lot of time-wasting blogging mistakes and you going about doing things you’re not sure will bring the desired results makes it even more difficult.

I mean:

  • Investing in a blog you’re not sure will make you money.
  • Writing an article you’re not sure will rank on Google and bring traffic.
  • Having to wait for months to finally wait to come out of Google’s Sandbox.
  • Checking your Google Console daily to see if there is an improvement.
  • Getting an error on your WordPress blog and trying to solve it.

The list continues and in the beginning, it’s not always easy.

I made a lot of mistakes when I was just starting but these 3 below where the biggest and they kept me stagnant for almost a year.

3 Blogging Mistakes I Made When I Started

  • Following the Big Boys: When I started, I had blogs in my mind that I wanted my blog to be like. They were really old blogs with lots of authority. They had hundreds of well-written articles and I thought I could be like them in no time. That was never going to happen at least not at the time.

I picked their exact keywords and start writing on. Hit the publish button, got indexed by Google and after 8 months I wasn’t close to 3rd page. You can imagine how frustrating that was.

  • Long Detailed Content: I don’t know where I stumbled on the idea of “the longer the content the better”. I tried as much as possible to write long content and to be honest it didn’t make the difference. The old sites still ranked even with lesser number of words per article.
  • Not Asking for Help: I thought I could always find my way out form reading and testing my knowledge but this was the greatest mistake of them all. I wasted time digging on thongs I could have just asked in a blogging group and be directed by someone who had tried something like that before.

The best thing to do is to join bloggers groups and tap into people’s experience and get things done quicker.


If you don’t learn the right way to go about blogging I don’t think one can really go far. I try to read about the latest development in the blogging world regularly like the new Google updates or a new SEO knowledge.

If you want the success you should do that too.


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