Honest Adquet Review: Scam or Legit?

Adquet is one of the most popular ad networks in Nigeria and that is for many reasons. Some label the ad network as a scam, some saw it be legit.

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Given the number of comments and post I saw about Adquet in groups and forums I decided to give it a try and I am going to share my experience here.

A piece of eye-opener advice in this blogging world: You must try a lot of things out for yourself before you come to a conclusion on what the actual case is. People get the wrong end of some services because of so many reasons. In the case of ad networks, people try to self click which will certainly lead to a ban.

So, give it a try and see for yourself.

Is Adquet Scam?

Judging by a lot of comments on groups and forums one would easily think that Adquet is a scam. But from my experience, they are not. However, I suggest one reason Adquet does not work for so many.

Before I go into details let me make something clear. Every ad network has where most of its advertisers target. If an advertiser targets a particular region e.g U.S.A and a publisher’s traffic is from Nigeria, the traffic will not be able to convert as it should. In other words, the publisher will not earn or will earn far below expectation given the amount of traffic. Why Adquet may not work for you:

The simple reason is where your traffic comes from. If you have an amount of traffic from Nigeria then you’re like to earn more and quickly from my experience.

What is Adquet Cost Per Click (CPC)

Adquet CPC ranges from #6 to #25.

What is Adquet Cost Per Impression (CPM)

Adquet’s CPM IS 0.15 which is quite low, the money is in the ad clicks not impressions.

How to sign up to Adquet Ad Network

The signup process is very simple and similar to what we have with other ad networks.
1) No minimum traffic requirement.
2) Almost all sites are accepted.
3) Must have a custom domain.

Steps in Signing Up:

  • Click HERE to visit Adquet
  • Sign up as a publisher and wait for some time to be approved to join the ad network.
  • After the approval message has been sent to your email’s address. Go to your dashboard and copy the code and paste in on your site.

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