AbollyHost Review: Good Web Host or Not?

This is a review of AbollyHost web hosting company in Nigeria. They are a relatively new web hosting company but it has thrived so well housing more than 1000 websites.

It also offers a cheap hosting plan with a good support to back everything up. A closer look at their website especially the About Us page left me unconvinced though. It looked so unready with a lot of easily-noticed grammatical errors which brought a big question mark to mind.

However, I found a lot of Nigerian bloggers were making use of the hosting company so I had to give a review of what I observed in the course of using the hosting company for a month. Note using the web host company was just mainly to test and see if they are worth recommending for local use.

Read on to know more about what I found out.

AbollyHost Hosting Plans and Prices (Shared Hosting)

Website Speed

As expected the site was fast when accessing it. I used GTMetrix to measure load time which fell within the acceptable range of less than 2 seconds. But it’s only good for a user visiting from Nigeria, the load time of sites hosted on AbollyHost server will increase if a person visiting were to come visit from Europe.


They promise 99.9% uptime on all its servers even though this is not true. At some points (2 times) during the course of the month, JetPack and notified me via mail about the servers not responding. At one more worrying instance, the server was down for almost a week as at when I returned to the site.


They have a very good support team who were ready to give guidance when I contacted them through their phone lines found on their website. Everything was going smooth until that major downtime that I have mentioned above struck.

Do we recommend AbollyHost?

The hosting company didn’t quite cut the mark for us as we are aware of a technical issue that occurred a few months ago (September 2019). Though everything was returned to normal and it took a whole week. Yes, a whole week.

We recommend DomainKing rather as we’ve used it and we trust their service to gather for a blog’s need in Nigeria.

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If you have the budget, we strongly advise you to go for a foreign hosting company like Bluehost. That’s where you get the premium service that you deserve.

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