8 Best Agricultural Platforms In Nigeria You Should Invest In

Large scale farming used to be a major contributor to the Nigerian economy until we turned attention to something else. Over the years, they have been calls for so many to return to farming and guess what? The digital agricultural platforms have come to make it easy for so many to have an indirect contribution to farming in Nigeria.

In this article, we will bring to you the top 10 digital agricultural platforms in Nigeria you can absolutely trust investing your money on farms and also getting returns on your money invested.

Why investing on these platforms is a good idea:

  • Better Returns: It has to be the measure on return on investment (ROI) coming first. The convention bricks and mortar banks give an interest of 4.6% per annum on your total savings. Digital agric platforms give on average 15% return in 6 months. The difference is huge – instead of allowing your money to stash in your bank account you can invest here and get a good return within a year.
  • Helping the Economy: Agriculture has the potential to revive our feeble economy if much is given in that direction. When you invest, you’re not only making money for yourself but also helping our economy.
  • Legit Platforms: The model behind these investments is clear. The risk of losing money is really slim. These platforms are legit even when you invest you can to the farms to see progress for yourself. Also the farms are insured so you get your money in case of loses in the farm.

Let’s now see the top 10 digital agricultural platforms in the country.


Agrecourse seeks to aid the transition of smallholder farmers from subsistence farming to commercial farming with the support of partners , thereby ensuring food security, youth inclusion in agriculture and economic growth.

  • Website: Agrecourse.com
  • Farm Product(s): Palm Kernel Nuts, Catfish, Maize and Rice.
  • Return On Investment Range: 18% to 30%
  • Cycle Range: 6 to 9 months and may vary in the future.
  • Principal Range: N25,000 to N110,000 and may vary in the future.

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payfarmer review

Payfarmer is an online agriculture market place that connects farmers who are ready to farm on a commercial scale with everyday people and investors who are wiling to sponsor farm expansion.

  • Website: Payfarmer.com
  • Farm Type(s): Cucumber, Poultry and Pig.
  • Return On Investment:
  • Cycle Range:
  • Principal Range:

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Farm Funds Africa

farm fund africa

Farm Funds Africa is agritech Company focused at empowering African Farmers whilst enabling individual Farmfunders earn profits on their farm partnership which ultimately helps strengthening global food security.

Source Credit: Farm Fund Africa

  • Website: Farmfundsafrica.com
  • Farm Types(S):
  • Return On Investment:
  • Cycle Range:
  • Principal Range:

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Thrive Agric

thrive agric review

Thrive Agric is a technology-driven agricultural company passionate about ensuring global food security. They get funds to support farmers from the public and pay return as at when due.

Source Credit: Thriveagric,com/about

  • Website: Thriveagric.com
  • Farm Types(S):
  • Return On Investment:
  • Cycle Range:
  • Principal Range:

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Farmcrowdy is the first digital agricultural platform in Nigeria with a lot of satisfied investor. They seem to have the highest number of farms and investors. As at the time of making this list they had the following figures: 16,000+ acres available, 66,699+ sponsors, 25,000+ farmers, 2,500,000 chicken reared and 50,000 farm followers. Now, that’s a lot of numbers there.

  • Website: Farmcrowdy.com
  • Farm Types or Produce: Birds, Rice, Maize, Spices, Ginger, Cumin and Soya beans.
  • Return On Investment: It varies
  • Cycle Range: It varies
  • Principal Range: It varies

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Porkvest is the child company of Jadek Agro Connect and one of leading pig farming enterprise, which offers funding opportunities in Pig farming with the aim of bringing about innovation, empowerment and integrity.

Source Credit: Porkvest.com

  • Website: Porkvest.com
  • Farm Type or Produce: Pig
  • Return On Investment: 20% to 25%
  • Cycle Range: Depends on the plan
  • Principal Range: N65,000 to N250,000

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Bazuze is an agricultural commodity trading partnership platform that allows for individuals who do not have the time, knowledge or capacity in agriculture, the opportunity to profit through the trading of agricultural commodities in the local market and exporting to the international markets.

Source Credit: Bazuze.com

  • Website: Bazuze.com
  • Farm Product(s): Dairy Milk, Melon, Cashew Nut, Onions, Dry Ginger, Sesame Seeds, Groundnut and Rice.
  • Return On Investment: 18 to 33%
  • Cycle Range: 6 to 9 months
  • Principal Range: N50,000 to N250,000


That is it with our list of the best agricultural platforms in Nigeria.

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