thrive agric review

Thrive Agric Review: Is Thrive Agric Legit?

Thrive Agric is a platform for sponsoring farmers through public funding and investors are being paid an interest after a fixed period.

This platform uses technology to help farmers raise funds. It also makes it easy for investors to invest without leaving the comfort of their homes.

  • It favours both party as farmers earn from their farms and you also earn interest as an investor.

Now, this is a very good step in the right direction as this can help curb food problems faced by the nation.

Thrive Agric Review

Is Thrive Agric Legit?

This is always a major concern when investing online. But to decide whether they are scam or legit we took some things into consideration.

Let’s see:

  • ThriveAgric Nigeria has a CEO by name Uka Eje.
  • They are registered with CAC with RC Number: 1416843.
  • Their head office is at 31,441 Crescent CITEC Villas, Gwarinpa, Abuja, Nigeria.

The above information shows that they are legit. They are duly registered with the appropriate body, they also have a physical address to which one can go in any case. So, you don’t have to worry in this case as Thrive Agric Nigeria is 100% legit.

Thrive Agric Contact

You can reach them on +2348167164014 or by email:

How Does Thrive Agric Work?

  • To be a part of the community you must first sign up with your email address.

  • Choose a farm to fund by selecting units you will like to fund and make payment.
  • You’re given a personalised dashboard to see how things progress.
  • After the given period you’re been paid your interest and the capital you invested.

After signing in on Thrive Agric Nigeria website or through Thrive Agric app you can see the available farms to fund. You can fund a farm by simply clicking “Fund” payment is through your bank card.

From the image above, that’s a farm that’s still open for funding. So how much can you make for funding that farm?

The price for funding is #56,500 and the duration is 9 months while you make 20% of #56,000 you invested.

You will get 20/100 * 56.500 which is #11,300. That’s to say you will get #56,500 + #11,300 as the total return.

That’s it with our Thrive Agric Review if you have any concern or question please use the comment box.

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