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Lie Scam Websites or Programs in Nigeria Tell (They are all the same)

Scammers are always in search for new ways to defraud gullible Nigerians.

It was in February 2020, I received payment in Bitcoin from a job I had done online. In no time I met a buyer on Facebook, a guy I had met face-to-face few years ago. Sent him bitcoin worth 3,000 naira before I could say Tom…son I was blocked by the same guy. Never got my money and never really bothered since it was a small sum.

Now, that’s a poor scammer with little means. Give him a bigger opportunity he will do more.

Other scammers in Nigeria go for a much bigger ploy, they come up with a new idea and model to scam poor Nigerians.

We’ve seen a host of them in the past and currently have some of them running. They are Naijaloan, FeelApy, Jobirra, Giftalworld, Nairatwt, Racksterly, Fast2earn, NNU, MMM etc the scam list continues.

Inforib, I won’t say Inforib is scam or legit at this point since their mode of operation is somewhat different. The program does not require you to register with any fee, you can join immediately and start earning. But don’t be too hopeful, there is no reasonable business model, the founder can’t keep paying thousands of Nigerians that will turn to Inforib and no need saying, sooner or later it will stop paying.

Naijaloan, this scam website is similar to MMM in a lot of ways only that it promises a 100% return against the 30% of MMM. Naijaloan is a scam website/program and not in anyway legit.

FeelApy, what a good name being wasted. This platform promises to pay for user engagement but first, to become a member you have to register with 1000 naira. No need saying as it’s obvious, Feelapy is a scam and not legit in anyway.

Jobira, another forum website with a promise to pay users for engagement. As at the time of writing this post, Jobirra claim to have over 400,000 members so, how do they intend to pay this number? Please don’t waste your time and data on this website with the hope of getting paid. Jobirra is a scam website and not legit in any way.

Giftalworld, just like NNU pays members for engagement which daily log in, comment, sharing of content on social media. How does that even make sense? How does that make anyone money? Where does the money come from? On NNU, I know of a guy whose earnins has been pending since 2018 and Giftalworld being a similar program will  shutdown. Giftalworld is a scam website/program and not in anyway legit.

Nairatwt, this program promises to pay members for tweeting some of the brands they claim to partner with. And just as you would expect, becoming an actual member is not free even though there is a free trial period. Nairatwt is a scam program and not legit in any way, those who waste their hard-earned money on it will regret.

Racksterly, this program borrowed a leave from NNU, they only pay for sharing their content on Facebook and just like other scam programs in Nigeria on our list, a token is required to join with a promise of making quick huge sum. This scam program was having seamless time scamming so many Nigerians until Paysatck (a payment gateway provider in Nigeria) took note. After Paystack and Flutterwave examined the business model of Racksterly and found it questionable, these 2 payment platforms stopped Racksterly from using their service. Racksterly was a scam website/program and not in anyway legit.

Fast2earn, sadly this scam website has been able to fool a lot of people not only Nigerians. Even so many bloggers reviewing this website deem it to be legit. I must also say that a mere looking at this program one would hardly figure out their ploy. They have a section on their site that displays latest withdrawal, it’s true those are genuine withdrawals but by who? It took me months to realize that 99% of people who are able to withdraw on this platform are people who referred others. The truth if you invest directly you won’t withdraw (in 99% of the cases or even more). Fast2earn makes it really appealing to refer as they give a whooping 50% of the total money invested by the refer. Then a share that had 900% ROI within few weeks will have 30% ROI and your earnings will reduce to 0.2$ a month. At this point you can’t get back your money. Fast2earn is a scam website/program and not in anyway legit. They depend on referrals to bring in more people and they share the money with the referrer while the investor won’t get anything.

NNU, very popular among Nigerian youths, has a very inviting money-making plan but was up for no good. The first warning sign was paying to join and second, no reasonable plan to generate returns. And as expected crashed with so many Nigerians losing their money. Not just money, wasting valuable time. NNU was a scam website and so many other scam programs currently (19/04/2020) are borrowing ideas from this program to further scam Nigerians.

So, now to lie this scam websites in Nigeria tell:

Bring a little money and quickly get a lot more money doing very little work.

Why do you have to pay money before you work? Some call it investment. If that’s an investment what are you investing in? Before investing, are you not suppose to fully understand and be convinced on how returns are generated?

All of this doesn’t just make sense and sooner or later this scam programs always go down leaving thousands of Nigerians with hands on their head.

Please don’t be a victim.

Money isn’t made by starting or doing nothing. MONEY on the internet is made by offering value to consumers or service seekers.

Get a skill like content writing, graphics design, web development, app developer etc. Though learning these skills will and getting somewhere may sometimes take between 4 to 8 months but it will serve you better in the future.

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Thank you.

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