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Rubies Bank Review: Bank with Almost Zero Charges

Nigeria has seen the emergence of several Fintech companies and one of the notable ones is Rubies bank. Rubies bank is not a traditional bank where we are all familiar with. So, what is Rubies bank?

This Rubies bank review will tell you what Rubies bank is, how it works, how it differs from traditional bank, what can you do with Rubies bank and the benefits of using Rubies bank.

Rubies Bank Review

What is Rubies Bank?

Rubies bank is a digital bank that only needs a smartphone to access all it services.

How does Rubies Bank Work?

This bank does not have a physical address where people can go into to perform transactions. It also depends on existing financial structure like ATM, debit card etc to serve.

How Rubies Bank differ from Traditional Banks?

  • As already mentioned, Rubies bank has no physical address.
  • Transaction charges are a lot lower than traditional bank charges.
  • Free ATM card are given to users.
  • No monthly maintenance fee.

What can you do with Rubies Bank?

Aside the normal transaction we know banks, there are other things you can do with your Rubies bank account.

  • You can buy airtime and data.
  • Pay for cable subscription.
  • Booking of flight ticket.

What do people say about Rubies Bank?

They have been no major issues just a little complain about the bank app not working seamlessly. Haven’t had any issue from end though as I have had a seamless experience since installing the app.

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