Porkvest Review: Is it Safe to Invest?

Porkvest is a digital agricultural platform that focuses on pig farming . Started in 2019, Porkvest is a subsidiary of Jadek Group of companies.

Porkvest has 3 plans with the minimum funding amount of N65,000.

This Porkvest review will look to discuss if Porkvest is legit, how they work, if they are worth investing in and the risk associated with your investement.

Porkvest Review

Is Porkvest Legit?

Let’s consider some factors:

  • Porkvest founders: Oluwakunle Akinwole, Olaitan Chase Kolawole and Remi Falade.
  • They are located at Ground floor, 3/9 Olu Koleosho Street, off Medical road, ikeja, lagos.
  • They are registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Though they haven’t existed for a long time but they have other factors that make them legit. Also, testimonies on Nairaland forum from Nigerians that have invested are there for all to see. I have invested myself though not up to the cycle so I haven’t been paid yet but so far so good everything looks good.

And don’t forget you can choose to visit the farm to see for yourself.

Porkvest Contact

You can reach their office on +2349090009288.

How Does Porkvest Work?

It’s very similar to most agri-tech companies we have like Thrive Agric and Farmcrowdy only that it has a fix number of funding platforms. Porkvest has 3 funding plans with different ROIs (much on this later).

  • Go to Porkvest.com or download the Porkvest app from playstore to makes things easy for you. Then sign up with your details.

  • Go to the plan you wish to invest in and select the unit you want then click “invest”. The first plan cost 65,000 naira per unit, the second cost N100,000 and the third cost N250,000. A cycle last for 9 months which you your capital plus profit at the end of this period.

  • On the next page click “PAY #65,000 NOW”

The dashboard is there to update you on what’s happening in the farm.

Now, to invest risk.

Is It Save to Invest on Porkvest?

The answer is yes! Porkvest partners with Leadway Assurance Company Limited to insure farms in case of any loss. So, if anything happens in the farm wish is very unlikely you’re sure to get a refund.

The farms are managed by Porkvest team, they make sure they give the best to get good returns and everyone goes home happy.

If you have some cash that you don’t plan on using anytime soon then investing on this platform is a good idea.

I also recommend Payfarmer as they are reliable and I have read so many good reviews on them. They also have a good number of farms so you’re sure to find an opportunity when you visit.

Visit Payfarmer

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Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Porkvest Review: Is it Safe to Invest?”

  1. Fasasi Latifat Omowumi

    Can someone still invest in porkvest this year and from which month is advisable
    Please I want details on how to invest, thanks

  2. Is Porkvest still reliable? I hear they are starting to act like the previous ones before them that have now been proven to be scams?

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