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Piggyvest Review 2020: How to Save and Make Money from Piggyvest

This Piggyvest review 2020 will shine light on everything about Piggyvest. It will answer questions like: Is Piggyvest legit? Is Piggyvest safe and reliable? How can I make money from Piggyvest? How does Piggyvest work?

Piggyvest formerly called Piggybank was started in 2016 with a sole purpose of helping people save money and meet targets. Down the years other features have been introduced an example is the “Investify” which allows users to fund farms and make up tp 24% return.

That aside. Now, if you’re finding it difficult to control your spending you should probably turn to Piggyvest to help put your spending urge in check.

I have fond memories of using the Piggyvest app to save money back then in school. You can also find a good use for it.

Let’s get to business.

Piggyvest Review 2020

Piggyvest Nigeria is a platform that allows you to save money and you can also make money from it. You can get to Piggyvest via their website, click HERE to sign up or through their mobile app either way you’re sure to have access to full features.

Who is the Founder of PiggyVest?

Piggyvest was started by 3 Nigerians: Joshua Chibueze, Somto Ifezue and Odunaya Ewniyi. They are former students of Covenant university and they have together worked on different projects Piggyvest being one of them.

Piggyvest Address

They are located at #16 Boyle St, Lagos Island 101231, Lagos Nigeria. Phone Contact: 0700933933933.

Is PiggyVest Legit?

If you’re wondering if Piggyvest is legit? If they are safe and reliable to put your money in it? You’ve done right unlike many Nigerians who do not think twice when they hear of making money through a platform.

From my use of this platform which is more than 2 years now, since they were still called Piggybank, I can tell you that they are legit and it’s safe to keep your money with them. Haven’t heard of anything gone wrong from person before.

Also, know that:

  • They have been around for 3 years.
  • We know the owners.
  • They have an address to which someone can locate them.
  • They are registered with the appropriate authorities in the country.
  • As of 2020, Piggyvest has more than 350,000 users registered on the platform.

 Piggyvest is 100% legit and super reliable. Piggyvest is also very secure.

Click HERE to register on Piggyvest.

How Does Piggyvest Work?

Piggyvest doesn’t replace our commercial banks where you could access and withdraw your money anytime you want to. Rather, Piggyvest brings to you a way of keeping your money without touching it. It’s mainly for saving money without touching it, maybe you have things you want to accomplish at the end of the year, maybe you want to buy something at some point in the year, Piggyvest helps you save your money until that time.



How Do You Fund Your PiggyVest Account?

You can fund your Piggyvest account directly from your bank account. When you’ve signed up to Piggyvest you’ll find out where you can do this via a payment platform known as Paystack. Don’t worry about the procedure is super simple even a 12-year-old child can do it in minutes.


Piggyvest features

We will discuss 4 main features of Piggyvest which are Autosave, Core Savings and Safelock.

  1. Autosave: This feature makes sure a certain amount is deducted from your bank account automatically depending on the period you choose, it could be daily, weekly or monthly. Note, you’re the one that sets the amount and the period. Say for example you want to deposit #1,000 daily to your Piggyvest account. The auto-debit feature will take #1,000 daily from your bank account and save it in your Piggyvest account. That will leave you with #7,000 every week, #30k every month and #365,000 every year. Really good.
  2. SafeLock: Safelock is a feature that gives the Piggyvest idea a real sense. The idea with Pigyvest is to save money, this happens when one cuts excessive spending. The SafeLock feature makes it possible for us to lock away money for a set period of time without having access to it. Piggyvest gives a minimum of 10 days and a maximum of 1,000 days to keep away your money. You also make money by way of getting interested so it all makes sense. Piggyvest interest rate is 13% for a year. That’s to say if you keep #100,000 for a year you’ll get #113,000 at the end of the year without doing anything. The minimum amount allowed is #1,000 and you can have more that one SafeLock saving naming them the way you want, it could be “Marriage”, “New Phone” or ” Shopping” etc. You can name it using what you want to use the savings for.
  3. Core Savings: Core savings is close to Safelock in that you have to choose the number of days you want the money to stay in your Piggyvest account. It is different because you can still withdraw without reaching the date but this will incur a 5% charge on the total amount you’re withdrawing. They mean no harm, in fact, it is to teach you discipline, it will make you have self-control on how you spend your money.
  4. Target Savings: Target savings come in when you’re saving to buy something or to meet a target. You set a withdrawal date and set the targeted amount. When once you reach 70% of the target amount and the withdrawal date you can find your money in the Piggyflex account ready for withdrawal to your bank account.

How Do You Withdraw Your Money From Piggyvest

Apart from your money protected by the SafeLock feature or any other feature, you can withdraw your money under “Flex Naira” which is accessible from the homepage. Money here also includes your interest accrued over time.

Remember, you have to fully setup your account with Piggyvest this you can do by adding your BVN.

How to save money on Piggyvest

Now, it’s time to help you start. Piggyvest basically is a “Savings and Investment” app. So, saving money is one of its core functions.

To save money on Piggyvest, you have to first sign up.

Click HERE to go to Piggyvest website ( keep this tab open as you will need to follow steps).

Or Click HERE to download the app.

Either way, on the sign-up page you will find fields to fill like your Name, Date of Birth, Relationship Status etc. Use this referral code: 08104094348 you will get #500 as you go ahead to complete your sign up.

How to Make Money with Piggyvest

Pigyvest allows you to make money even as you save. It’s a wonderful opportunity if you ask me.

There are 4 ways you can make money from this app.

  1. Through account activation.
  2. Through accumulative interest over time.
  3. Through points earned.
  4. Through Piggyvest referral program.

Let me explain:

  1. Through Account Activation: When you sign up to Piggyvest, your account is not activated just yet until you fund your account with at least #1,000. Upon funding your account for the first time you’re given free #500. You can fund your Piggyvest account using your Mastercard, Verve, Visa or any other debit card in Nigeria via Paystack.
  2. Through Accumulative Interest Over Time: Through your savings using the SafeLock feature you earn interest which depending the amount you lock up and the time you can make really good money.
  3. Through Points earned: Piggyvest has a way of rewarding its users even though it’s little of course, the size here depends on how much you leave in the system.

Let’s see the reward formula.

When you save:

  • #2,000 to #5,000 you get 1 point.
  • #5,000 to #10,000 you get 2 points.
  • #10,000 to #50,000 you get 10 points.
  • #50,000 to #100,000 you get 25 points.
  • #100,000 and above you get 55 points.

1 point is equivalent to #10.

4. Through Piggyvest Referral Program: Lastly, Piggyvest referral program is the main deal when it comes to making money.

You earn 1,000 for every person you bring to Piggyvest. Note this person must activate their account before you are paid the commission of 1,000.

For you to enjoy the referral bonus, your referred person must successfully registered his account.

Click HERE sign up first before becoming a referrer. If you sign up through my link you also receive 1,000 to start saving.

I have also written extensively on the Piggyvest referral program and how to withdraw your Piggyvest referral bonus. This will enable you to earn good money referring people to Piggyvest.

Click HERE to sign up.

It’s a wrap…

We all want to make money, right?

And we can all agree that for one to have lots of money, we should be able to manage and save money.We should be able to plan our lives and expenses.

Now, that’s where Piggyvest comes in.

It is a perfect opportunity for all Nigerians to be able to control how they spend their money. If you leave the money in your pocket, you’re likely going to use it to buy things that you don’t really need.

So, it’s wise to put our money somewhere save and we can then plan on what we want to use for.

Click HERE to sign up with Piggyvest.

If you have any question or you need help please use the comment box.

Don’t also forget to share this article to your friends it will help them control their expenses.

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    1. Money is transferred to flex wallet automatically. Money transferred are interest accrued over time and money out of Safelock.

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