Lcredit Loan Review: Get a Loan Within Minutes

Lcredit is an instant loan app in Nigeria among so many. If you’re thinking about giving Lcredit a try by getting a loan from the app, this Lcredit review will serve as a guide to you.

We will consider lcredit loan requirements, lcredit interest rate and repayment method.

Lcredit Review

Lcredit Loan Requirement

All loan apps have their requirements and Lcredit is no exception. To qualify for a loan you must provide the following:

  • You have to provide your mobile phone number.
  • You need to provide your Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • You need to provide your bank account details.
  • You need to be a Nigerian and between the age of 18 to 55.

That’ it with Lcredit loan requirement pretty much what anyone can provide.

How Much can be Loaned with Lcredit App

Lcredit allows loan between N1,000 to N50,000. You won’t be allowed to loan a big amount if it’s your first time but you can increase loan amount if you keep a good record of paying your previous loans on time.

Lcredit Interest Rate

Interest rate on Lcredit varies depending on some factors, the loan terms is one of the determining factor and credit score also has a big part to play.

Lcredit Contact

You can reach them on 016310555 and through email with

How to Apply

  • First, go to Google Playstore and download the app. Click HERE to download.
  • Sign up with your mobile number and verify. I found it difficult to verify my phone number as the verification code was sent after several tries.
  • Then set your log in PIN and tap on “Confirm”.
  • Tap “Apply now” on the next page that comes up
  • Go ahead to provide your BVN  and other information which includes your name, date of birth, gender.

Just follow the simple steps that follow to get a loan.

How Do You Repay Lcredit Loans

You can repay back loans through setting up automatic repayment. This will save you the stress of bank deposit while it makes for prompt payment of borrowed amount.

I’ve noticed that so many people try to find Lcredit account number so as to make repayment but that’s not the way to go. According to the Lcredit website and guide on paying through bank transfer, you need to chat up Lcredit support through the app and they will give you the company’s account number with a guide to identify your payment.

Don’t make payment to any bank account until you chat with the company’s support.

You can ask any question using the comment box.

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49 thoughts on “Lcredit Loan Review: Get a Loan Within Minutes”

  1. Ipalibo Joshua

    My loan application was approved and service charge deducted from my bank account, but I did not get the said amount credited to my bank account. I hope this is not a scam?

  2. Olawale Sulaiman Dele

    Please, I need lcredit account number to transfer my repayment to I tried bank card, offline transfer and used all failed I need it this phone number is 08081175214prompt

  3. Please which bank account can i pay to my app is not opening please my loan is due please help and send me your account number please let me pay my loan… please i need your reply please…

  4. You app seems to be on default,I can’t have access to pay your loan.please what’s the way forward

  5. Ifeanyiugwu eberechukwu stina

    I need to repay an overdue loan. Robbers invaded my home and stole my phone money and other valuable. Phone number for registration is 07067150728. How do I repay?

  6. I have credited your zenith account with outstanding balance and you still keep calling.
    Please clear me up.


    this L credit is a scam, how can i be debited twice when i want to pay back my loan, i complained but they never responded, later they asked for my account number and i send to them but no reply. A client of them ask me to take back the refund as loan which i did and after some days they started calling me, threatening me asking me to pay for loan and when i explained to them what happened the threats increased, and they are even asking me to pay for interests and overdue charge. pls how can i pay for what i did not eat or bargained for. i needed my refund and for the past 3 weeeks nothing was done, i took it as loan and they complained and threathen me

    1. Chukwuma FRANCIS

      Hm..hhhh…. the same matter that me and them are discussing. They debited me twice. I shared bank stateme t with them yet they have deliberately refused to acknowledge this for over a month now

  8. Please… Lcredit I received a call from this number (012271640) telling me to Talk to a friend of my to pay up the loan she collected from Lcredit.. please I want to say something I was not aware that she used my number as a guarantor to collect the loan so please I don’t want you guys to temper with my bank or my account details

  9. I’ve been receiving calls from this particular number too 012271640, telling me to inform a friend of mine named ‘Daniel (I can’t remember the surname they always call) ‘ to pay up a loan he took from you. I’ve tried severally to inform you that I do not know anyone bearing that name, I’ve never heard the name in my life neither have I encountered anyone bearing such name. Yet you keep calling me everyday threatening to report me to the bureau. I want to categorically state here that the next time I receive a call from you, I’ll make sure to file a police report and follow it up…….


    A call was received by us Emi-Aware Technology through your phone number of which has been filed on court: that we are guarantors of a particular vendict named Keneth who have implicate us into your shoe of which we are not aware of this.

    Kindly note that EMI-AWARE TECHNOLOGY is a registered firm and we will take legal actions once we receive a phone call again from you people.

    Every phone call received from you have been recorded for evidences. The worst part of it is that it is a synchronous call. No reply.

    This mongers have proved to you that your loan system is not well secured and technically not organized.

    If anything happens to our bank details, BVN, or any payment platform of ours. We will ensure we fight you to the last breath to pay back the damages.

    Kindly go through your platform again and see who signed such a contract without our legal consent.

  11. Please I have never collected loan from LCredit , nor have I signed as a reference to anybody collecting loan. please somebody called me and said I should tell my brother to pay his loan or they will arrest me, please I don’t know any of my brother that has collected loan , try and locate him yourself , please leave me out of this please thanks LCredit

  12. I recieved a call from 012271640, simutaniously without let me reply back to there pointed allegation to me,that Ademola adeniyi THAT i dont know who his recieved load from lcredit and refuse to pay back,pls dont ever call my 070315684400 phone again,Or elssy ur financial institution will face the legal combat

  13. Lcredit, I did not sign any legal agreement with you concerning any loan, if my details are tamper with… We’ll see on the other side of Court!!!

  14. L credit, i did not sign any agreement with you concerning any loan of any sort but u constantly call my lines for reasons i know nothing about. The next time i will receive a call from you i will file a police case nd make sure my lawyers follow it up.
    Be warned!!!

    1. 012271640 this number just call me now that I’m a guarantor to Rachael pamilarin I do not know anybody call by that name, how will he possible to give somebody money with out seeing the guarantor in your office. Don’t ever call this number again , the next time you will call we use legal action against and Sue ur organization 419

  15. Alameen Adam Saheeh

    Why the hell are u calling me asking me about an ismail suleiman that i don’t know took your loan! Pls since you didn’t ask for my approval or signature. Don’t call my number again pls

  16. Good morning. You have been calling me that somebody collected loan and used me as a guarantor.

    Did you communicate me before giving that Loan?

  17. 012271640 keeps calling that I am a guarantor to Susan, pls I did not guarantee for anyone to take a loan from Lcredit. The next call I will receive will be follwed by a legal action. I don’t know how you guys will accept guarantor with seeing or confirming from the person

    1. 012271640 this number just call me now that I’m a guarantor to Rachael pamilarin I do not know anybody call by that name, how will he possible to give somebody money with out seeing the guarantor in your office. Don’t ever call this number again , the next time you will call we use legal action against and Sue ur organization 419

  18. You people have been dsitubing me with call that a friend of my need to pay up is loan or I will be affect because I am a grantor.
    This is someone I don’t know Abiodun Simeon.
    You people did not ask for my approval while loaning him the money.
    Please stop disturbing me. I don’t know the person and I am not standing in as a grantoor for anybody.
    If you dont stop calling me, I will take legal actions.
    Stop calling 07031969375

  19. So I received a call from whoever that’s that couldn’t introduce himself before issuing threats that I didn’t want to listen to the end. I had to end. I have no idea whatsoever the person was talking about and am no third party to any of your financial transaction. As you have no proof of my signatory or any legal tender to intrude my privacy. Don’t call my number 0706571**** again or I shall charge you for defamation of character and blackmail.

  20. Please this number keep calling
    I don’t understand them at all please can you help me with their contact saying someone owed money I should pay it , please am I þhe person that owed money am I the person who dis that please help me out with all these trash …

  21. This number 012271640 called my younger sister and be telling her trash about being a guarantor for one Emma like that ,she doesn’t even know…next time you call her number or if anything should happen to her money ,will sue you and take it up from there ,very stupid app ,that can’t do things right …scammers….

    1. You are right. Very stupid company with dummies as staff.

      You give loan without guarantor, but start calling people to help you collect your money. Do you share the interest with me? Useless people.

    1. Very stupid company with dummies as staff.

      You give loan without guarantor, but start calling people to help you collect your money. Do you share the interest with me? Useless people

  22. Please stop calling me, i don’t have any business you you people, i don’t take loan from any app. Whoever use my number guarantor is not my concern. When they put someone’s contact as guarantor did you call the person to confirm before giving the loan. You all are dummies in this loan app. If you temper with my account i will sue you

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