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How to Withdraw Piggyvest Referral Bonus (Simple Steps to Follow)

After hearing about Piggyvest I later heard about the Piggyvest referral bonus and I immediately liked it.

After some referrals, I made some earnings but withdrawing my Piggyvest referral bonus did not come so straight forward.

In fact, so many people have the problem of withdrawing their bonus too.

So, today I want to show you how I withdrew my own referral bonus and how you can also redeem your 1000 referral bonus on piggyvest. But before then if you’re not aware of what the Piggyvest referral brings to you,  let me throw some light there.

When you refer people to Piggyvest you receive 1k and the person referred also gets 1k. If you have not yet invested in Piggyvest you can click HERE to register, you will get 1k and I will also receive 1k, happy ending for both of us.

You can also read this detailed Piggyvest review to know how Piggyvest works and some other benefits you stand to gain on this wonderful platform. Also, know that Piggyvest is not one of these Ponzi schemes where people turn to for quick money and end up losing their hard-earned money.

Now, back to withdrawing your Piggyvest referral bonus.

How to Withdraw Piggyvest Referral Bonus

Follow the steps below:

Step1. Go to the Piggyvest website or open the app and login with the correct details.

Step2. Locate “Flex Naira” on the top menu and click on it.

Step3. There you see “No Flex Account Number” and below you will also see this message “You have no BVN connected to your Piggyvest account. Please add your BVN to your flex account number”

Step4. Click on the “GET ACCOUNT NUMBER” button, another page opens where you are asked to securely connect your BVN. Don’t worry about the security as all your details are securely stored on Piggyvest.

Your Piggyvest Flex Account Number will be created after you enter a correct BVN. There is no point of trying to be funny like using another person’s BVN or a wrong BVN as your BVN should match the bank account number that you will be used for withdrawal.

Your flex account number allows withdrawal of your Piggyvest referral bonus.

In case, you’ve referred some people to the platform and you don’t see a referral bonus immediately. This will mean that those you referred have not activated their Piggyvest account. You should know that to activate your account number one has to deposit at least #100 in the platform.

You can also read our detailed Piggyvest review, if you don’t have a Piggyvest account click here to create one and start saving.

30 thoughts on “How to Withdraw Piggyvest Referral Bonus (Simple Steps to Follow)”

  1. I have referred a couple of people of which 2 have saved at least N100 naira into their accounts. Does that make me eligible for the bonuses to be released when due?

  2. I referred 5 people and I have the bonus but it’s in the safe lock does this mean I can’t withdraw the money and what do I do to be able to withdraw it

  3. Does Activating account means d person i refer most also insert his BVN and save at least 100 to his flex account b4 my bonuses could be release ?

    1. The welcome bonus 1k is Safelock I missed the first withdrawal date and they extended it by 1week because I did not withdraw it why is that

  4. please I deposited 2100 in flex and later moved the 2100 to my piggy bank, will they pay me my 1k I redeemed that is in safelock ??

  5. Good day, please i referred 5 people to piggyvest ,about three of them has not less than 2000 in their account but i haven’t received any referrers bonus .
    Please, what happened?

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