How to Withdraw from Roqqu

This guide will show you how to withdraw from Roqqu to your bank account and also address frequently asked questions about Roqqu withdrawal.

The recent ban on crypto has seen it that direct transactions (withdrawal and deposit) between banks and crypto exchanges (including Roqqu) can’t be performed.

This means for investors on Roqqu platform they are not allowed to withdraw from their Roqqu wallet directly to their banks. But that doesn’t mean your funds or money is stuck on the platform as Roqqu introduced the peer-to-peer transaction feature to aid users to access their funds and even also buy crypto.

How does Roqqu Peer-to-peer Work?

To withdraw from Roqqu you have to go through selling your crypto to another user on Roqqu and get paid by the user. That’s the whole idea of the peer-to-peer transaction.

  • On the Roqqu app, click “Withdraw“.
  • Add your bank account and verify.

You’ll be matched with another peer who will pay directly to your bank account.

How long does it take to withdraw from Roqqu?

It depends on how fast the 2 peers or persons involved are. Don’t forget the crypto you send to a buyer has to arrive and confirmed before payment is being released to you.

Everything should go fine as Roqqu has Escrow in place to make sure everyone is satisfied.

What is Roqqu withdrawal limit?

Roqqu has no withdrawal limit.

That’s it with how to withdraw on Roqqu but to be honest I think Roqqu’s services aren’t the best at the moment you might want to try paxful. To check how to withdraw or sell you Bitcoin on Paxful click HERE.


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