How to Withdraw from Betty Bingo

This guide will show you how to withdraw from Betty Bingo in simple steps.

But first, a little note on Betty Bingo: Betty Bingo was started in 2018 to avail Nigerians and other African countries the opportunity to play Jackpot and other games.

So many people have been on the platform and so many too have won in any of the games.

How to Withdraw on Betty Bingo

You should know that you can only withdraw when you have won in any of the categories.

Upon winning you can contact Betty Bingo customer support on 09086081784.

I must say at the time of writing this guide all efforts to find a “Withdraw” button or tab on the site wasn’t successful.

I registered with the aim to play the games but I found the site slow and not responding when clicked. I guess this was temporary.

However, according to report from a many-times winner their withdrawal takes up to 2 days.

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