How to Replace Lost or Stolen Plate Number in Nigeria

Wondering about the procedure involved in replacing a lost (stolen) or damaged plate number in Nigeria?

This article will show you just the right procedure.

Perhaps you’ve been involved in an accident which got one of your plates damaged or your plates were stolen be rest assured you can get them replaced with no much hassle.

And don’t worry about the cost as this will be done at a lower cost compared to the price of getting a new one.

Let’s head straight to the steps involved before then note it can take up to 30 days to replace your lost plate number in Nigeria.


  1. Visit the nearest motor vehicle Department and explain what had happened and that you need a replacement.
  2. You’re given a replacement form to fill in and you pay a certain amount (N10,00 or something close).
  3. Fill in the form and submit. You’ll be asked to attach your passport, car ownership proof, and affidavit.

Also, you’re asked to identify yourself through a valid ID Card and your vehicle papers.

Those are the steps required to replace your lost plate number.

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