How to Remove Credit Card from Lazada

This guide will show you exactly how to remove your credit card from Lazada. Also will consider other questions like how to delete Lazada account?

A little note on Lazada:

Lazada is an online marketplace servicing a good number of Asian countries. By marketplace, it means Lazada doesn’t have goods of their own; goods advertised on the platform are from the general public.

When paying for goods on the platform your card or payment details are saved to make buying in the future easy.

If you want to remove your credit card then read on.

How to Remove Credit Card from Lazada

Note you can do this right on the app. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click HERE to go to the Lazada ‘Card Removal’ page. If the link doesn’t work for you then the steps below are your only option starting from the next step.
  2. Login to your Lazada app.
  3. Go to ‘My Payment Options’ on the ‘Manage My Account’ tap.
  4. There you see ‘Delete’ beside every of your saved card on the app. Click on Delete beside any card you want to delete.

That’s it, you’ve successfully removed your credit card from the Lazada app.

If you would want to delete your Lazada account, you can check this guide HERE on how to do that.


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