How to Remove Credit Card from Good Food

This guide will show you exactly how to remove your credit card from Good Food. Also will consider other questions like how to delete Good Food account?

A little note on Good Food:

Good Food allows food lovers to order different meals and get delivered to their doorstep.

In your first order, Good Food stores your card details to make ordering in subsequent times easier for you.

How to Remove Credit Card from Good Food

Before we proceed know that you can do this by reaching the Good Food customer support.

  1. Login to your email address and click on Compose.
  2. Compose an email asking clearly that you want your email credit cards removed from the app.
  3. When done composing, forward your email to

That’s it, you’ve successfully removed your credit card from the Good Food app.

How to Delete Good Food Account Permanently

Before we proceed you should know that you can delete your account by sending a deletion mail to Good Food customer support.

Follow the below steps to get it:

Step 1. Login to your email address registered on Good Food and click “Compose” or “Create” to write a new mail.

Step 2. Title it “Request to Delete Good Food Account

Step 3. Compose your mail stating you want to delete or close your account. See sample mail, click HERE.

Step 4. After composing your mail forward it to

That’s it.

Note that once your data or profile is deleted from Good Food database you may not be able to retrieve them in the future. So, don’t be in haste here.

Let’s know if you have any difficulties.


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