How to Block any Channel on Gotv using the Parental Control Feature

The Gotv Parental Control feature allows users to block channels they don’t want to watch This is helpful in so many ways as parents or guardians are constantly worried about what their children gets to watch on Gotv.

In another case, there are channels that are somewhat annoying to some people, example is Zeeworld which a lot of people just can’t wait do away with.

So you see, the Parental Control Feature is more than useful it’s necessary in so some cases.

Here in this article we will share with you how to locate the Parental Control Feature and how to block any channel of your choice and also how to restore it if case need be.

How to Locate the Parental Control Feature on Gotv

  1. Press MENU on your GOTV remote
  2. Then select the Parental Control on your TV screen.
  3. That’s it on how to locate the Parental Control Feature. Now, let’s go to how to block any channel
  4. Upon selecting the Parental Control feature , you will have to fill in a pin. At this point the default pin is 1234.

After supplying the PIN, you’ll see 4 options come up:

  1. Blocking Options
  2. Block Channels
  3. Change PIN
  4. Reset All

Now, lets explain the different options.

Blocking Options. This is where you enable the Block Channels feature. To do this:

  1. Click on Blocking Channels
  2. Change Global Blocking to personalise and also change Parental Guidance to none
  3. Then press OK.

At this point press the exit button. A message comes asking if to save the changes made. Press OK. Now, everything is all set, let’s go on and see how to block a particular channel using the Block Channel option.

Block Channels. Now, we are at the second option and where the main thing is done. To block a particular channel follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Block Channels by pressing Ok.This takes you to all channels that you’ve been alloated to watch.
  2. To block any channel scroll to it and click OK. There you see a lock on the screen showing the channel has been successfully blocked.
  3. Press EXIT to return to parental control. Remember on you way back you’ll be asked whether to save all changes. Press OK to do so.

That’s it with blocking a channel.

Change PIN. It doesn’t make sense blocking a channel and leaving the PIN to remain what the hold world knows, so it makes sense that the PIN is change to a unique one. Let’s see how to change the default PIN:

  1. Get to the Parental Control by pressing Menu on your remote.
  2. Select Parental Control the Change PIN
  3. Input a new PIN and press OK. You will a message on the screen saying you have successfully changed your PIN.

The last option.

Reset All. This is where you can reset everything to where they were. Upon successfully resetting everything you won’t have any blocked channels and the PIN will be changed to default.

The YouTube video can also aid you in setting the parental control.


If you want to block programs with certain ratings example: PG13, PG16 and PG18 you can do this right on the Parental Guidance settings.

Remember PG13 means the program sin’t suitable to anyone younger that 13.

If you still have a problem please use the comment.

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