Haloocredit Review: Is the Interest Rate Too High?

Haloocredit is a loan app that helps you get a personal loan in case of an emergency. So far you keep to your own part of the agreement you won’t have problems and you can borrow as many times as you want as long as you don’t exceed your credit limit.

In this Haloocredit review, we will explore Haloocredit loan requirements, how to apply for loan, interest rate, loan terms and more.

Haloocredit Review

Before we continue you should know that HalooCredit is 100% legit.

Haloocredit Requirements

Of course, as with other loan apps Haloocredit have their own requirements before one’s loan is approved.

  • Your mobile number.
  • BVN attached your bank account.
  • Aged between 18 to 60 years.
  • Your bank details

The rest is just normal personal information required when applying.

How Much can be Borrowed on Haloocredit App

You can borrow a minimum of 1,000 and maximum of 100,000. As a starter you won’t be allowed to borrow big amount but if you keep a good credit score then your loan amount can increase gradually.

Haloocredit Interest Rate

The interest rate ranges from 4% to 30% with 3% to 29% monthly. As with other loan apps, if you become a regular user with a good repayment record you can get loans with lower interest rate.

Haloocredit Contact

You can reach the customer care through service@haloocredit.com.

How to Apply

  • Download the Haloocredit app from Google Playstore. Click HERE to download.
  • Register using your phone number, BVN and other information. A code will be sent to confirm the phone number linked to the BVN.
  • Apply for credit limit.
  • Upon receiving your credit limit you can apply for a loan.

Loan applications usually take minutes to be reviewed. Upon approval you should be credited within minutes.

Haloocredit Loan Repayment

Loans repayment are automatic on Haloocredit deducted from the bank account details supplied during registration. However you can decide to go for partial payment.

That’s it with our Haloocredit review.

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18 thoughts on “Haloocredit Review: Is the Interest Rate Too High?”

  1. Hi,

    I have been taking loans from Haloocredit and well satisfied with their interest rate, but recently, the amount of charges on a loan is something of concern.

    Haloocredigt now charges extra #480 on a loan of #3,000. They called it service fees. This is not fair on the part of the borrower. The company needs to look into this.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello, On March 28, 2020. I took a loan on haloocredit. It was really bad because instead of the principal amount /available credit limit of 27,000 being sent to my bank account; I was given the amount of 22,000 along with a very high service charge,and I was charged on the 27,000. I have written complaints to the customer service on this so that the 5,000 extra charge money can be refunded, No response so far(email is banjtbiz@gmail.com).
    Very bad customer service and it is wrong to charge me on a wrong principal amount (27,000) while only loaning me 22,000.
    kindly look into this and refund my 5,000 extra charge. Thank you

  3. Martin micheal

    You guys are criminals…… Why is the service fee x2 of what we take….. Bad business for all of you nonsense.. palmcredit is still the best

  4. HALOOCREDIT are very bad online loan organization,i applied for 12,000 and 12,000 appear on my HALOOCREDIT wallet but when HALOOCREDIT will credit me i was credited 8,160. repayment instruction required me to pay 12,000 an addition 4,000 while their principal charges should be 3000 at 30%.

  5. Haloocredit, refund my N24999.86. I am Kumaga Aondonengen.I overpaid you a loan of N2471.54 with N27471.40 on Monday, 21/09/20. Since then, you have been avoiding my calls and chats after submitting the details of the transaction for return of my money. Pay me my money. Today, 28/09/2020 makes it one week.

  6. Your company sent messages to some of my contacts telling them am oweing them after 5 days of paying up
    Now it’s 2weeks and my loan keep increasing cus it wasn’t completely cleared… I have complained alot times and no one seems to help out… Now am receiving threat messages saying they will upload my debt on social media… You people will leave me no choice that to report the company.. cus I have a reputation to protect

    1. Sorry for your this ugly experience try as much as possible to talk to someone from Haloocredit.

      And you should know we are not working with Haloocredit in any way.

  7. Am using two account for haloocredit…which 1 account is for receiving loan and the second is for paying back my loan…
    Which I want to change it to one account now. To receive and send.
    Please how can I do that..

  8. Hello please help me with your account number haloocredit can’t get the app on my phone any longer thanks send it so I can pay up your bills it keeps increasing

  9. Hallocredit are criminal and I don’t except the owner of this platform to write any review on them. They got people sacked from work place and tarnish there reputation.

  10. The biggest scam loan company I have ever experienced is Haloo or Helloooo. Those guys are big thieves and extort Nigerian off their hard earned money.

  11. The biggest scam loan company I have ever experienced is Haloo or Helloooo. Those guys are big thieves and extort Nigerian off their hard earned money.

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